17903 Mapi Logon Failure

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Thank you eric for the quick response to my first posting. The problem with the mapi logon failure is stil present. The sql mail admin's account can log in locally and is able to send and recieve e-mail from the "Inbox" on my Sql server's desktop. I don't know if Outlook had anything to do with it so it is uninstalled. The auto-start doesn't work I have to start the mail service manually through xp_startmail query . The service starts but when I go to test the account in Alerts\Operators pull down menu it gives me the 17903 "MAPI log on Failure" message.I followed the Tech-net article on configuring SqlMail through Exchange to the "T" and finally got the service running. Also I can't get the xp_sendmail syntax correct, is it just the username in " " ???????? again Thank you in advance , your help in this matter is greatly appreciated


-- Anonymous, January 21, 1999



Congratulations on finally getting the service running.

As to the xp_sendmail syntax, I can use a syntax like this to send myself a message: exec xp_sendmail 'kohnene', @query = 'sp_configure'

(Where my work email is kohnene@wsdot.wa.gov.)

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, January 22, 1999

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