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Ok, Talked to Billy mitchell (Centipede and Donkey Kong world champ) and Walter Day (Twin Galaxies) today for about 2 hours on the phone about the inp Phil has for Track n Field on MARP. We compared some of his events with the game Billy and Chris Ayra (Ms Pacman and Bezerk champ) did back in the early 80's with severel instruments they were experiencing with. One was with an electric toothbrush which after playing about 100 games using it, they were able to get a record time on the 100 meter of 6:97, and only once they were able to get a time of 6:95. This for one, is not too far from Phil's time he got, with (as he noted) a gamepad?! They also experimented using this lego gadget they made that had a motor in the middle with 2 wheels on each side that turned simutaniously when placed between the buttons acting as "electronic fingers" and were able to get a distance on the long jump of 7:56 (which they got only once) just about every time they played, they were getting 9:72.

My point is this, NO ONE so far, except for Kelly Kobashigawa who has the world record to date of 95,040 which was witnessed by the TG staff in the early 80's has been able to get this score, as well as max out the power bar like Phil did, and be able to max out the powerbar from 0 to 15:00 in less then 3 seconds! This is not humanly possible as Mark Longridge clearly pointed out.

So my suggestion is to vote on having this score removed as it clearly identifies something other then human effort has been used to achieve his score.

PS Phil, I am not question your overall gaming skills you poses, just want to help keep the marp board somewhat fair amongst the other players. Besides, when Walter and the staff at TG start taking scores off of the MARP page to put in the next edition of the TG book which is slaited for later this year, I want to make sure they are able to take some if not all of your scores and give you honorable mention in the book of World Records.

Marpers, please give me some feedback on this...

Regards, Steve Krogman

-- Stephen Krogman (skrogman@concentric.net), January 21, 1999



Yeah I think it should be banned. You should also ban mine too, I used the "Run like hell cheat" which was agreed as legal at MARP but that was a long time ago. Phil Lamat mentioned something to me about using the autofire on the joypad but he was a bit vague about it. Have you chatted with him?


-- Dith (dith@europress.co.uk), January 21, 1999.

I would love to talk to Billy Mitchell - just to hear about the greatest feat of completeing the perfect pacman game. Do you know where the hot sauce company is based?



-- Chris Phillips (chris.phillips@ft.com), July 23, 2003.

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