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I'm building up my own b/w photography site. Have a critical look at the first results...

Find as many NEGATIVE points (on the contents as well as on the design of the site) as possible. I actually received too many 'flowers' from European reviewers... ;-)

Thank You in advance

Andreas Steiner

-- Andreas Steiner (, January 21, 1999



Well, you asked for the negatives: The thumbnails are too small. In the thumbnails, the gallery titles should be HREF'd so a click will take me to the selected portfolio. The portfolios take a fiendishly long time to download (with a 28.8k modem). The Syndrom Fashion Show gives broken links for 5 of the pictures. This could be a problem with my browser (IE4.0), I've seen this behaviour with other galleries that I know weren't broken. It might be a time-out problem: the browser has just given up waiting for the downloads. It looks as if you are using frames, but I can't adjust their sizes. Someone with a screen size other than 800x600, especially smaller, would have a problem. Re-sizing my browser to simulate this, I can see the full width of your simple menu on the left, but have to scroll sideways to see the actual pictures. On the photography, while I don't believe burnt-out whites are always bad, I do think you have sometimes used them innapropriately.

The positives would take me much longer to comment on, but I will mention that I like the photos, and the general site layout.

-- Alan Gibson (, January 21, 1999.

I have actually completely redesigned my site. Most of the points You mentioned are now corrected. Thanks for Your though and helpful commtents!

To those who haven't seen the site: it is not THAT bad as the guy above says... ;-)

You are invited to make Your comments as well.

-- Andreas Steiner (, February 07, 1999.

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