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Does anyone have information about a portable electric generator coversion kit. I saw it once, somewhere deep within a website, but that was before I even thought about buying one (which I've now done) or the related problems to providing fuel.

-- Marilyn Gegier (, January 20, 1999


Hi Marilyn,

I got the short message and the url/link below in a batch of messages from Roleigh Marting the other day. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find something out at one of these addresses. And, if you go the this url:

(the place online where Roleigh's "news mailings" are stored), and look around, I think he's got quite a few generator-related stories, snips, other urls online there... (There's a good generator web site that's address I can't locate at the moment, but look for the word "juice" in the url.)


Mailing-List: contact
From: Roleigh Martin

Subject: Converting your Gas Generator to also use Propane or Natural Gas

I know about, but not firsthand, two resources:

US Carburetion, Inc.
2093 Winsburg Way
Suite 101
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (770)419-7698
Toll Free:(800)553-5608
Fax: (770)424-7668


Carburation and Turbo Systems
1897 Eagle Creek Blvd
Shakopee MN 55379

The Shakopee's unit has a Tri-fuel conversion kits for gas generators, $200-$300. A friend, Bob Hanson, told me about the Shakopee unit. He's done it.

My quibble about conversion kits is that if something goes wrong, won't you sometimes wonder whom you should call for help? Anyway, I'm placing the information here for those who already have a generator or whom can't afford a tri-fuel or can't get an order in on time for a tri-fuel generator. At least one has an option to produce electricity if one is deprived of any of the other fuels due to Y2K reasons (physical failures or rationing rules if rationing is in effect--in the future, obviously).


-- Bill (, January 20, 1999.

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