Did I points-leech on Spelunker II ?!

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Hey guys,

What's your opinion on the greedy points grabbing I just did on Spelunker II - its a score I'm bound to beat later so I just did it anyway to see what you think and have uploaded it now.

When I was close to an energy potion with reappearing enemies I kept killing them for a few seconds until my energy nearly ran out and then carried on further into the game.

So, is this a borderline tactic or does everyone think its legitimite to do so occasionally to help boost the score - bearing in mind that this game is extremely harsh on your energy levels continually dropping them all the time reducing the scope for doing too much of this. Personally since you're continually losing energy in this I consider it maximising your score rather than points leeching.

Krool - I know you'll consider this points leeching if you consider BBH's killing skeletons until he finishes the game on his last life points leeching.

Angry - if the guys think this is something to be voted on then you may as well add it to the list and put me in for keeping this technique this time around due to the energy level restrictions.


-- BeeJay (bjohnstone@cardinal.co.nz), January 19, 1999


Spelunker II leeching? Nah...

Ok, I checked out the recording (and the game, I'd never played it before)... in my opinion, I definitely wouldn't count this as being point leeching.

The energy meter IS continually draining, so you're always forced to proceed to the next potion... there sure seemed to be a lot of potions, but the fact of the matter is that you can't play forever. The points you were gaining between potions for killing enemies didn't seem to be too significant, except for those five things (?) that would come out of the ground at a time. If you want to stretch out your score as much as you can by killing enemies before picking up potions, all the more power to you. Personally, I like to concentrate on finishing a game like this before I try to find ways to raise my score to the maximum level... besides, you don't seem to have any competition in this game yet, BeeJay. :)

-- BBH (lordbbh@aol.com), January 20, 1999.

spelunker (n) : a person who explores caves

I agree with BBH, it does't appear to be a case of points leeching at all. I might try it myself to beat your score, Beejay :p

-- JSW (jwilson@sv.net.au), January 20, 1999.

I do intend to concentrate on finishing it....

Its just that with the battle German Krol and I had on Pitfall II where it came down to making sure you wiggled when waiting for the timing to be right to maximise your score because you get points continually while moving, I wanted to make sure when I've nearly completed Spelunker II and German comes along again I've got something up my sleeve to increase my points. ;-))

One last question, did Spelunker II or Pitfall II have arcade predecessors ?!


-- BeeJay (bjohnstone@cardinal.co.nz), January 20, 1999.

naw :) beejay, you got me all wrong :)

i dont really think BBH (sorry for making an example of ya again!)but my point there was that it was considered by ME as unnecessary gameplay. i wouldnt class it as leeching full on, but i guess my point is that using unscrupulous gameplay like that when other players didnt use it on purpose for that reason :) phew! if you have to go to those lengths to show your great gameplay to beat a score of mine, i will use it right back on you ^_^

im not saying its bad, but if you CANT finish the game and just use the time limit leech thing to get ahead...well... :) i think you get the point

-- Krool (kellyq@ihug.co.nz), January 20, 1999.

unscrupulous gameplay... bleh

come on Krool, it's not like I did nothing but kill skeletons to beat your score in Black Tiger... I mean, we're both capable of finishing the game, so what really matters is how many points you can squeeze out of the game, right? And I do that by racking up points on those skeletons... you didn't do this because A) you didn't know about it, or B) you didn't think anyone else would be capable of finishing it on one credit too...

If I'd beaten your score without doing any of that, wouldn't you have started looking for any possible ways that I might have missed to build points and beat my score?


-- BBH (lordbbh@aol.com), January 20, 1999.

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