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Well, infoseek seems to be back after a long Christmas holiday. At '', in the section 'Unavailable Light', you'll find photos of musicians and members of audiences.

If the infoseek site doesn't want to talk to you, you can see just the audience at ''.

I'm interested in any reports of these sites not working, please mail me.

-- Alan Gibson (, January 19, 1999


Well first of all, so you don't have to cut and paste, click here for a hyperlink to Alan's work that should take you out of frames.

Alan's work is really worth seeing, there are some great photographs. I don't really like the layout though, you have to find the right links in the text, and some of his links take you somewhere else. It would be nice to have links to the photo pages in one place, maybe along the right hand column. Check this site out!

-- Jeff Spirer (, January 19, 1999.

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