What type of film and how to find it?

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I recently bought my Brownie at a garage sale. It seems to be in relatively good condition. It is a Brownie 8 Movie Camera f/2.7. A sticker on the inside of the camera shows that it was produced in 1967 I'm wondering what kind of film I need for it, besides the obvious that it is 8 mm (or if that's all I need to know), where to find it, and any other important pieces of information on this camera that will help me to attempt to use it! Thank you very much! Jennifer Park

-- Jennifer Park (parkjenn@pilot.msu.edu), January 19, 1999


I need to know where I can find #127 film for a Brownie Chiquita Holiday camera. Did you get any answers to your questions? I wonder if they sell it here in Mexico? This is not a movie camera, but I need to know if it functions properly, so please pass on any information asap.


-- Hector Ramirez (Jackievegas@compuserv.com), February 10, 1999.

Hello Jennifer,

The Film for Classics site carries 127 film I believe.

The address is www.filmforclassics.com i think.if that fails try a

search in Google (www.google.com) for Film for Classics.Hope this

helps.Happy snapping!

Gerard Cummins.

-- Gerard Cummins (ger.cummins@oceanfree.net), April 18, 2001.

Freestyle photo in LA (www.freestylesalesco.com) sells 127 size film

-- chris corsmeier (ccorsmeier@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.

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