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My company installed an O'thompson/Mitsubishi Freqrol A200 in a housing complex. The units have run for a year trouble free. I am very impressed. The buildings were all lowrise. I will now see this drive replace an MG set in a high rise 16 stories in the upcoming months. Should I anticipate any (quirks) problems?

-- John Fellin (, January 18, 1999


Don't be so negative.

-- Bob Kautz (, January 19, 1999.

Mitsubishi Freqrol

We just finished two 16 stops with this unit, the ride is excellant. We use the Elevator Systems controller but the same drive unit. We have done units up to 250 fpm without vector drive but Mitsubishi helped us adjust it. I would say go up to 200 fpm without vector and add the vector unit after that. I have a few dozen on old existing AC motors and have had no problems with the motors either. If you want to be a hero, put one on a single speed AC.

-- Jerry Rexer (, January 19, 1999.

O. Thompson uses this drive at speeds up to 200 FPM. The problem with this drive is that it is open loop, with no speed feedback. At 200 FPM we recommend using a closed loop drive such as the Baldor. We have installed the new Mitsubishi A500 Series drives on several jobs (including housing) over the past two months with great success. This drive has closed loop capabilities and offers many improvements over the A200 Series. Mitsubishi will be discontinuing the A200 Series shortly. Please contact O. Thompson Technical Support @ (718) 417-3131 for further details.

-- Ian MacMillan (, February 16, 1999.

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