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Dear billy or greg keefe. When is Billy's next release? Movies or just videos that might be available for purchase?

-- nick simmons (nsimmons@avionics.itt.com), January 18, 1999


Billy McNamara next release.

Hi Nick:

Thanks for your post.. As far as I know none of Billy's unreleased films are scheduled to be released... it's very frustrating. The films in the can are: Just Sue Me, Implicated, Knockout, Sweet Jane, Something To Believe In, Glam, and Snitch.

Ringmaster, which Billy had a small role in, will make it way to video in March.

As so as we know when something is going to be released I will be sure to post a message.

BTW Radio Inside is going to be on American Movie Classics Sunday January 24..... Didn't think Billy was old enough to have a classic film.... at least yet!!!

-- WMFC -- G Keefe (mcnamara@servtech.com), January 18, 1999.

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