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There was some discussion earlier about a landscape photo being to big for their monitor. I usually have my monitor set to 1024x768 so I have no problems.

I'm wondering about how many inches a photo should be so it can be viewed full screen by people who prefer the 800x600 setting.

I usually set it 5x7" at 72dpi. Anyone have an prefrences or tips on this?

Alex Crick Photographer at Large

-- Alex Crick (, January 17, 1999


Sometimes it's not a just preference. My monitor (laptop) can only do 800x600. Allowing for Windows borders and so on, I don't like images that are wider than, say, 640, nor higher than 480, nor larger than about 50k bytes.

-- Alan Gibson (, January 18, 1999.

I agree with the 640x480 dimensions as being the maximum for sizing; many people set their browser window to open to this size and keep it that way. I don't mind larger file sizes though, if the photos justify it and the server is fast. The big problem is the freebie servers (geocities etc) combined with huge images.

Also, the thumbnails on Alex's web site are way too small. Nice photo of Courtney...

-- Jeff Spirer (, January 18, 1999.

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