Flashpix Web/CD Integration - Current Procedures?

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I'm only just discovering Flashpix and am having difficulty working out the most basic form of integration. Specifically its use on the MOMA Jackson Pollock site (via www.moma.org) and, although not quite the same, at www.phaseone.com.

Essentially what I want to do is this: include an image on a page with no zoom/pan interface which still allows the user to zoom by clicking and reset to full image by clicking a button elsewhere on the page. No plu-in should be required by the user. This is the method used on the Pollock site and, for my purposes, is the ideal approach.

Where can I find out how this is achieved (or the nearest possible thing)? I already have a Kodak DC260 and a copy of the Picture Easy software so producing .fpx images is no problem.

Finally, does the flashpix system work locally on CD?

Many Thanks,

Gary Crighton Dublin

-- Gary Crighton (crighton@bigfoot.com), January 14, 1999

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