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Does anyone have any information or photos of the SAL branch between LeGrand, AL and Luverne, AL? I understand that this line was constructed around 1900 to gain access to Luverne, AL, which is the county seat of Crenshaw County and was the only Class 1 railroad to ever enter Crenshaw County. I understand that the SAL had running rights on the ACL from Montgomery, AL to LeGrand, AL and that there was an engine terminal and roundhouse in LeGrande. I believe the line was abandoned in the mid to late 1950's.

I grew up in South Montgomery County and my Grandmother's house faced the West side of the tracks about 100 yards North of the Strata Church of Christ on old Highway #9. My brother and I used to play and hunt on the abandoned roadbed.

Thanks in Advance

Keven Lonsdale

-- Keven Lonsdale (, January 13, 1999


Check my answer to Kirk Boutwell's query of May 30, 1999, for early history of this line. See Alabama Midland Information, listed above your query on this Q&A site.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 23, 2000.


There are two trestles with ACL markings in West Montgomery. The first crosses Terminal Road and the second crosses Mobile Road. I am very familiar with these bridges. Both were painted with aluminum paint in 1969. The bridges are about 150 yards apart and are in a very high crime area. If anyone would like photos of them I will be happy to take some and send them. Since I am a Montgomery Police Officer I don't think I'll be bothered. In case anyone is interested the ACL shops in Montgomery have been compleatly torn down:(

Keven Lonsdale

-- Keven Londale (, January 29, 1999.

The only ACL thing I know of left worth photoing in the City of Montgomery, is an overpass/viaduct/trestle/whatever with ACL markings still there, found it by accident, and will have to hunt to find it, I'll make an effort to locate this trestle and give the street it's on if anyone is interested, by way of reply to this inquiry, Al

-- Al Pelham (, January 29, 1999.

Speaking of all these obscure south Alabama lines, there is a general lack of photos and operational info on the ACL and SAL lines out of Montgomery (and associated branches), at least as compared to coverage of the rest of the ACL and SAL systems. (Same goes for these roads' lines out of Birmingham for that matter.) The Society would welcome any article, or material and photos that could be made into an article, about trains and operations on these Alabama routes. C'mon, y'all, send us some stuff!

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 29, 1999.

Several years ago I was looking through a book that had railroad maps of this area and this branch was labeled SAL, obviously a misprint because it does not make sense for the SAL to build a low densiy branch and have to obtain running rights on a compeating railroad to gain access to this area. However I am very much interested in obtaining as much information about this branch as I can since I grew up next to it.

ALSO I was wrong about where the branch left the ACL mainline. The Junction was at Spraig AL, about 5 miles south of Legrand......

-- Keven Lonsdale (, January 29, 1999.

To make a final point on this question, both my map & "ALABAMA RAILROADS" by Wayne Cline identify this line as an ACL, not SAL. Not disputing other info, just offering what I've seen. Regards to all, Al

-- Al Pelham (, January 28, 1999.

I have an official 1949 Highway map of Alabama that shows the line to Luverne, the latest map that I have seen with it is a '54 I think, The '57 map I have does not show it. The old depot is still in Luverne, has an insurance business in it. There is an historical marker in Rutledge that mentions the line being there, do not have any maps that show this spur. A friend of mine says he discovered part of a turntable foundation in Rutledge while digging a footing. Time has done a good job of erasing most remnants of the line. In Patsburg the right of way/part of the depot(i think) is visible. Sorry I don't have more to contribute. Al

-- Al Pelham (, January 20, 1999.

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