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In the hit film Titanic, molley brown seemed really really nice, helping jack all the way through but in other films she is kind of arragont and ignorant. She did fit in more in Titanic than other films of the adventure, she is normally really happy and loud, jumpy and big-headed. What does everybody else think

-- Ian Rafferty (stud, January 13, 1999


From the little that I've read and heard about her, Mrs. Brown was pretty much the way Kathy Bates portrayed her in the film. Somewhat loudmouthed, boisterous, and a little contrary. She wanted to be accepted by high society, but had little use for the snobbery of the bluebloods. She was also a very generous person. There are many stories of her going out of her way to help the survivors from third class, who had lost literally everything but the clothes they left the ship in. Later, she supported a miner's strike in Colorado, going directly against the interests of her husband and his fellow mine owners.

She was estranged from her children after her husband's death (she and J.J. Brown had lived apart for a number of years, but both being Catholics, never divorced). She died in the early 1930s.


-- Kip Henry (, January 14, 1999.

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