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Mason,(or anyone elso who would like to answer this)

If we don't have a website finished, can we just put up a link to a single image for people to look at, or do you have another forum for that?


-- mark lindsey (, January 13, 1999


Either this one or Creativity, Etc.--your choice. Both are appropriate, I think.

But I'd indicate that it's just a single image so nobody who follows the link will expect a whole site.

Hope this helps!


-- Mason Resnick (, January 13, 1999.

If you want feedback on the image, you could try the Online Photo Image Critique at ''.

While I'm here, could I suggest that people put their name in the 'Subject Line'? It would be helpful for searching, especially when we get a hundred entries here.

Before you ask, I'll also put my URL here, when I've persuaded my service supplier to start providing a reliable service.

-- Alan Gibson (, January 14, 1999.

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