Will this remote work after Y2K ???

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Will the embedded chip in my TV remote disable my remote after 2000??? I would hate to have to get up and change the channel myself !!! Any info on this is appreciated thanks ! I have read on some sites that this may happen and personally I dont think I could handle it!!!! If so is there some way I could change the chip ?? Also do all television remotes have defective embedded chips in them???

And I am also wondering if the date in my remote reads as 00. Will my remote think it's 1900 or perhaps just 00?? If it's 1900 will my television go back to B&w???

Thanks Desperate Dave

-- Dave Lessner (dl@msn.com), January 13, 1999


If the chip in your remote doesn't regress your set to black & white, don't worry; the one in your set will. And the ones at the cable and transmitting facilities will take you back to the days of radio. Meanwhile the ones controlling your power grid will teach you the lost art of reading. Oooops!

-- Bob Podolsky (podolsky@clipper.net), January 28, 1999.

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