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Can anyone tell me how the Pestana family in Viseu are doing? When I served there, they were in Viseu 1. Also, how is the Gomez family? Alson in Viseu. How is the Bras family in Coimbra? Is Irmao Bras still working in Switzerland?

-- David B. Tate (, January 12, 1999


Irmco Bras has been back in Coimbra for quite a while now and is (or was in 98) serving as Branch President....

-- Ryan Angus (, December 12, 1999.

My son is serving in Valadares Portugal at this time. I had asked him if he knew this family and this is his response.

They now live in Gumiraes and are inactive. Only the 2 younger boys live at home, the other goes to church on occasion. If you didn't know, their youngest daughter died some years ago by falling from the 5th story. The Elders are working with the family. Jose & Dalia are still receptive.

-- Paula Willette (, November 08, 2000.

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