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When I run the S-Mart script, the resulting page will only display the header fill and nothing else. I stops at

It will see the groups in list and search but still not the db file. I have the file attributes for the directory and db file as 777. I have also checked out the cfg file and that too seems to be ok. I can get everything else to work just carn't get the db to display. Any thoughts on what I have missed??? Please!!!

-- Nev Kirkham (, January 12, 1999


Ok, I don't have an answer. But I do want to agree with Nev. The script is messed up I suppose. For one, I could never get the "base path" in the cfg file to work properly so I replaced all those remarks in the cgi file to just read the name of the file without a path. But as the header and footer work, the DB file will NOT print out if you want to see "all". Of course in the admin script, you can see them all day long. I did some testing and I have narrowed it down to the smart.cgi script. It's somewhere in the "sub gen_page" section after "if ($type eq 'all')" or "sub print_item" section. CAn anyone help out there?

-- JD Randall (, January 20, 1999.

You guys really ought to check out the demo store at EVERYTHING works, and there is an online manual for the store owner. This is the first complete manual (beta, albeit) for SMART Store. I will tar it up sometime and make it downloadable. I have installed almost 80 stores on our servers with this script and have had no succh problems. I host and program PERL for a living. Don't give up. Barry Robison created a great program, initially with no known bugs. Essentially, it has EVOLVED into a rather buggy script. I had went off on my own with it a long time ago, and have kept it bug free. Thanks to all, Greg

-- Gregory Swofford (, January 20, 1999.

Ok....I've narrowed it least for the "show all items" option. The problem is in the following section. It's not before or after it. I remind you that this has nothing to do with the search option or group option. It's somewhere in: for ($i=$pos;$i<$max; $i++) { my(%ITEM);($ITEM{'itemid'}, $ITEM{'name'}, $ITEM{'price'}, $ITEM{'descrip'}, $ITEM{'image'}, $ITEM{'weight'}, $ITEM{'itemurl'}, $ITEM{'group'}) = split(/\|/,$LINES[$i]);&print_item(\%ITEM);

I have never seen a call with a "\%ITEM" before...could that be it? I don't think the script even gets to the &print_item subroutine. }

-- JD Randall (, January 20, 1999.

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