What are YOU doing to prepare for Y2K disruptions?

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Please share your wisdom.

-- Gary Allan Halonen (njarc@ica.net), January 11, 1999


For me, taking care of myself, seemed ridiculous if noone else or not everyone else was equally prepared. I couldn't envision myself having to arm and constantly be at vigil. Then it dawned on me, self-sustainability would be the panacea, against the worst-case scenerio, which would be initiated if there was no electricity. I quickly found out, thru Real Goods, that self-sustainability thru conventional methods was way too expensive for me and definitely for most people. But for years, I have been a front-line activist with a group called Food Not Bombs. Whatever the circumstance, we would find that the solution could be found thru practical application of whatever was around. It was a practical experience that happened time after time and strengthened my spirituallity, because of its magical quality. It was similar to my experience of never having enough money to pay my bills till the very last of the month for 10 straight years, supporting 5 people. Life right on the edge, but always making it. It taught me to be cool under stress. I bought my first computer just about 5 months ago, just to use for y2k and discovered that information and communication had increased almost infinitely. That lead to the belief that funky, home-made, lo-tech ideas for self-sustainability that could be implemented in a very short time, cheaply were probably out there. It would be just a matter of mobilizing other y2k conscious people to getting the word out there to solicite the ideas, because I'm not very technical myself. After 4 or 5 months, its still only me doing this. So I've been spending an average of 10 hours a day e-mailing everywhere with no one sending ideas. But I consider myself pretty much unstoppable when I believe deeply in something. And I still believe that by creating an ever-improving list of these lo-tech ideas , is the only way I can foresee forestalling the panic which would arise, once people become aware of y2k and the possibility of the incipient horrors it portends, because I am constantly shocked at how foolish people are, and how stockpiling seems to be as far as most y2kers can respond. Many of the "leaders" especially here, in the Bay Area, are not the type of people who really are the kind I would look to when the chips are down. They love to talk and are full of themselves and their new-found fame. Blind leading the blind once again. The y2k meetings have been depressing for me. Nothing ever gets accomplished. I don't like to have to convince fools not to be fools. I depend on the internet and to create this list. My hopes grow and fade depending on the day. Recently, my hopes are up. I have had a few, very few, submissions, and that is something, after all, and I have found more good ideas on the net. I can see the list growing, and I think it will. Many fine people have encouraged me thru e-mails. I am gaining confidence that I have been right and that this is the best response to y2k. I hope to get air time weekly on local radio to co-ordiate practical responses in the Bay Area. Besides self-sustainability, there are hospitals, gov't participation (bringing grains to neighborhood sites), backup for utilities, etc. I am slowly in the process of making my own home an example of cheap self-sustainability. My main concern is hi-rises, and cities with hi-population concentrations in cold regions. But I believe there are answers there for self-sustainability and they will be unearthed in time. I don't have time to go further, most of what I'm doing has been stated. Hope this suffices. Love to everyone, TomO

-- Tom Osher (bagelhole1@aol.com), January 12, 1999.

I truly believe that people must educate themselves. This is the key. Many are in the dark about the Y2K situation. If anyone is interested in a "Y2K Resource Guide", I'd ask that they contact me directly and I'll forward info on details to receive one. This guide will tell you everything you need to know. True, there may be those who will simply ignore the Y2K and hope it goes away. But what if it doesn't? Wouldn't it be better to be safe and prepared than sorry? Think about it!

-- Dave (suprdave@lightspeed.net), January 12, 1999.

At Southern Oregon University Family Housing we are moving ahead on several fronts. Check out http://www.rv-y2k.org/prepcoll.htm

-Wayne S.

-- Wayne Schumacher (Schumacher@sou.edu), January 12, 1999.

Heres my main technical contribution to Y2K preparedness. I'm thinking about building a floating water wheel with about an 8 x 8 foot frame, with a car alternator to generate elecrtic power from river current. (At the same time recognizing that as long as water runs downhill, the Northwest's conventional hydropower is probably among the most self-sufficient of major power sources.)

The main things holding me up on this are: 1) procrastination, being unsure that such will ever be needed, in the presence of other priorities, 2) the probability that permits to put it in the river will be difficult to come by before 1/1/2000, when such techniques might be much more welcome, and 3) lack of technical information information about car alternators.

I've gotten a variety of information, but I'm still wondering about such questions as RPM, torque and horsepower needed to generate how much net power, if it matters which way the rotor turns (maybe a concern for the brushes), and probably some others that I'll find for anyone who knows what I'm talking about.

I'm happy to share information about my design as it progresses, and get feedback. This could include possible diagrams and pictures, if someone can give me needed information about how to put them online without buying excessive software. Generally I'm a writer more than an artist.

Dan Robinson 541-465-4790 350 Pearl St. #1105 danrob@efn.org Eugene OR 97401 www.efn.org/~danrob/

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Help Protect America's Heritage Forests at http://www.ourforests.org --------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Dan Robinson (danrob@efn.org), January 16, 1999.

At least I know what to do, how to prepare, etc. The Y2K Resource Guide has been very helpful. I recommend everyone to get one. I can provide their address & details to obtain it if anyone is interested.

-- Dave (suprdave@lightspeed.net), January 16, 1999.

Creating a deep inner calm.

Prep'ng for a 10 scale hit, 5 people for 5 years. Guiding and calming people in my dispersed mountain area during their y2k awakening. Being part of several small cells of "the more aware with more ability".

Calmly assessing that very likely y2k or its aftereffects will kill me, then doing what is necessary, as I'm able, to prevent that from happening.

Changing over my lifestyle progressively over the months, in diet, socialization, food storage and growing, etc, in order to cause the least amount of abrupt upset as is possible to the organism if a 10 scale hits.

-- Mitchell Barnes (spanda@inreach.com), January 16, 1999.

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