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I am unable to find the size of a flashpix file anywhere. I am considering a new Kodak 260 but am curious as to how may pictures will fit on a 15 mb flash card as an example

-- Robert Jones (, January 10, 1999



it seems that a 15 MB FlashCard takes minimum 24 exposures, but depending on how well the compression works, it might even take up to 36 pictures, best quality and highest resolution. I have occassionally reached more pictures per "film". Often it gives an mmmediate "Card Full" reply, but then admits that one more picture may be squeezed in. Having two 15 MB cards thus gives me pretty good capacity for most occasions.

I have a Kodak 260, and I am very satisfied with it apart from two things: the long startup time when you switch it on (up to 15 secs), and some (minor) posterization effects on *some* pictures. But with a Glossy film in the ink jet, it gives almost photograph quality on 8 by 13 cm i

-- Lars Oestreicher (, January 11, 1999.

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