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I have received votes from a few people out there, and have integrated them into the votes-in-progress list. It looks like COMMANDO will be the first banned game, as it has currently received six BAN votes (versus zero votes to keep it).

In retrospect, 11 total votes per-game may have been a bit too high. With the current rate of votes coming in (actually, I've only received votes directly from 4 players, the other votes have been tallied from comments that some players made regarding the techniques in question)... it may take awhile to actually reach 10 or 11 votes.

You can access the current proposed game technique ban-list, and send your own votes in at the MARP Users Guide Rules/Regulations Page.


-- Angry (greggg@ix.netcom.com), January 10, 1999


What will be banned.....?!?!

According to your msg, if it reaches 11 banning votes, the game COMMANDO will be banned.....or just the point leeching tecnique will be, and a game, after verification, could be still posted .... !?!?

I think there's no need to ban a whole game, but just ban any p.l.t....


-- Cicca (cicca@writeme.com), January 12, 1999.

re: What will be banned.....?!?!

Sorry about the confusion... no complete games are going to be banned by the voting process, only the technique described for the particular game.

There are 2 games that appear in the list twice, to allow the voters an option as to what should be allowed in MARP. (the games are Centipede and Alien Syndrome).


-- Angry (greggg@ix.netcom.com), January 13, 1999.

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