Yardeni & Koskinen on Rukeyser Show

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Heading "Stock Market, etc." could also be "Banking/Finance" or "Economy/Jobs".

Anyway, tonight saw Louis Rukeyser's annual "Money Guide" show on public TV.

Had several guests talking about their stock and mutual fund picking prowess and their views of the economy.

Also had Ed Yardeni and Koskinen (however you spell the name of Clinton's Y2K mouthpiece aka "czar").

Yardeni (DeutscheBank) publicly now is solidly in "the bump in the road" camp. Paraphrases: "Likely a recession in U.S. -- and worldwide -- and worldwide, but not more serious." "Not heading for the hills or stocking up on stuff, but will re-evaluate in June."

Koskinen (sic) -- looks to me like the epitome of the schtick in Conan O'Brien where they have a big photo of a face with a mouth cutout, and someone's real lips behind the cutout speaking B.S. The only thing moving was his lips. And that's all you need to tell if a politician is lying (that his lips are moving). What a weasel. Anyway, his take is "Don't worry; be happy." Essentially, everything in government is gonna be AOK by 1999 April. No national power grid outages seen; just a bunch of local, city, county possible problems. (No mention that a lot of local outages EQUALS national outage.)

Keep on stocking up.

To give yourself a 30%, 50% or more raise, you might consider whether or not the IRS really needs your money (withholding) in 1999.


-- GI (GI@GI.com), January 09, 1999


My sister-in-law who was preparing, saw this show, and stopped dead on preparations. I didn't see it, but she was so convinced, that she is ordering a transcript of the tape for me to see, sure too that I'll be won over. I don't believe it. But after reading your post, I can better understand why she was swayed. Now I don't know what to do.

-- gilda jessie (jess@listbot.com), January 09, 1999.

Keep on stocking up.

Tell your sister that most of the show (about 4/5 ths) was stock market/mutual fund guys (and gal) doing their schtick about "our fund is gonna do this because this sector looks hot", etc. And Y2K was not considered anywhere by that 4/5 ths of the guests.

-- GI (GI@GI.com), January 10, 1999.

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