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This is not really a question but more of a solicitation of interest. I was born and raised on SAL property at the phosphate loading facility at Port Boca Grande, Fl. My father was a plant supervisor there for 42 years retiring in 1968. The port was closed in the late 70's or early 80's. It seems to me that few people seem to know about the former existance of this place but believe me, there is a lot of SAL history there. As I am new to this society (joining this week) I would be happy to provide any information about this subject that anyone may desire. I have photos too! Thanks. MILT

-- Milton Bell (, January 07, 1999


Just saw this today - was so happy. . . my grandfather used to take me on his run (W.C.Simms-SAL baggagemaster) from Tampa to Boca Grande from 1948 to 1950 - happiest times of my life. Have been looking for information and photos for a long time of this period in history! Can remember the huge pier the trains went out on to load and unload. I was very young then (around 4/5) and a lot I can't remember. If any possibility of obtaining photos during this time, please let me know!

-- Barbara J. Black (, August 11, 1999.

We are delighted that you have joined the society.We are further delighted that you have things to share with us. We would very interested in seeing the photographs and recieving information about PBG.Maybe we could do any article about phosphate on the SAL.I have some limited knowledge about phosphate in the Tampa area,having been employed by SAL(CSX) for 33 years.I remember working Seddon Island on cool, dark,foggy third shifts as a car inspector.

-- Joseph Oates (, January 08, 1999.

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