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Could you please explain MS SQL licensing. Are developer licenses different from client licenses. I'm confused.

What licensing requirements are there for SQL when connecting from a web site? For instance, could a ten user version of SQL be used as a back-end database and if so, are client licenses then purchased seperately? I know that Microsoft offers an unlimited client access license, but this seems costly for small sites with low volume.

Any help would be appreciated..Thanks

-- Anonymous, January 06, 1999



As a consultant, I don't make a practice of reading license agreements. (I generously assume that my clients are in compliance.) Therefore, I contacted Microsoft to get some answers.

Anne Thompson from Microsoft provides the following answer. (If you need clarification, she can be reached at Microsoft Sales (800) 426-9400. Select the Small Business Line by punching 5, then 4, then 3. When you get an answer, ask for Anne Thompson.)

"Although it will be a small site with low volume you will need a SQL server license and the internet connector. Regardless of volume, if info is accessable from the internet, you will need the internet connector."

Here is the Internet Connector description: "SQL Server 7.0 Internet Connector Per Processor Part Number: 530-00100, Estimated Price: $2999 [$2670 at CDW - Eric] Per-processor pricing is new. The Internet Connector allows an unlimited number of devices used by Internet users to use SQL Server. An Internet user is any person currently connected to the Internet, other than a person employed by you (as an employee, independent contractor, or in any other capacity), or otherwise providing goods or services to you or on your behalf.

"To use an Internet Connector with SQL Server 7.0 on the Internet, you must purchase an Internet Connector License for each processor on each server that is running SQL Server or SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

"Note Intranet applications require Client Access Licenses."

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, January 11, 1999

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