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Phew, after the small amount of confusion I caused by rushing out the Banned voting list last night, I think I've gotten everything in place and a little more understandable (at least by me). There are still a few games to add to the list, if there are any that I've missed, please let me know.

The list is now broken into 2 of what will become 3 sections. The 1st section will list all OFFICIALLY BANNED play methods (none exist yet); the 2nd section will list all play methods currently being voted upon; and the 3rd section will list all OFFICIALLY ALLOWED play methods (so we don't vote on them again in 3 months).

I have also changed the voting labels to BAN and KEEP... if you don't want people to use a particular technique, choose BAN. Otherwise, you want to KEEP it around. (Thanks for pointing this out, Zwaxy)

I received 1 email with votes, which I will ignore, as the previous labels were very confusing (now that I've redone the page, I can't even remember how I intended those to apply).

The few games that have 2 votes on them were counted from the originator of the method described... I have logged your individual votes already, if you duplicate any, I will make sure that they aren't counted twice.

I will maintain a database of all votes received, including the names of the voters, and will make this available for download once we start banning some techniques. I don't think we need these to be anonymous votes.


-- Angry (greggg@ix.netcom.com), January 06, 1999

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