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Hello I'm Aciddrop from Macon,Ga about a hour south of Atlanta. I have seen some things latly at raves and would like to hear ya'lls thoughts on it 1st) DRUGS are theey really a problem at raves only ones i see as a proplem is GHB What drugs do u prefere at raves ? 2nd> unsafe sex is a HUGE pproblem at raves. W/ everyone rolling and rubing everyone yes it feels good but ya'll watch out for yourself.

3rd> Overcrowding A big problem in Atlanta everyone is there but everyone cannot fit is this fair to me and my friends who go get tickets so we can get in . The New Years Rave in Down Town Atlanta (next to the Fox where wide spread panic was playing Word out to all my hippy buddies from Newyears ) was so packed u could not even move at times and it was so hot inside you could not breath THANK GOD FOR VICKS

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999


Hey...well...I live in Ohio, the rave seen is pretty kick-ass, if you can believe it. I dunno, when I am at a rave, i tend to roll or trip. That is just me, it makes me sad when i see people doing some HARD CORE drugs, I dunno, peace love and happiness i guess. We do not have much of a problem with sex, maybe our drugs aren't as good. i dunno. the overcrowding does suck, and if anyone is on the Ohio area for a rave...email me...i'll meet ya there- we are all family, aren't we?

-- Anonymous, January 06, 1999

well drugs are a problem, but the people who feel they must do them, are still going to do them. Maybe if they do them b4 they get there it may make the drug scene at a rave better, I don't know. Me, I usually smoke a j before a rave, and I feel great, but I don't do drugs at raves. Here in Dallas, the rave scene is kickin, and we have venuse that provide ample security, and whatnot. But I do admit that some of the non-permit venues have lots-o-drugs. Unsafe sex, well, never seen sex on the dance floor, not yet atleast. Overcrowding is just going to happen I believe. I dunno, but it kind-of adds to the essence of being at a rave. But, there again, overcrowding does make us ravers a prime target for the fire marshall to come, leading to cops, then...busted. So, that's my 2 cents worth. Have fun, be safe, and be yourself!! PLUR

-- Anonymous, January 07, 1999

I've had so many experiences with drugs at raves that I can scarcely call up a single opinion. They blew me up to the heights of human experience, and they also made me bug. I've definitely learned a lot, and that's peace. But...without control drugs lead to fists, addiction, dirty stuff. So I say exercise caution and look out for your friends, you don't need them, but they can be amazing. As for sex, hmmm... all part of the exp? Keep it clean, and respect the women and yourself, if the flow is really taking you to the sex level, let's hope the love is in the mix. Open the mind and the heart to the flow... peace.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 1999

Well, hello all. I was interested in this site to see what you all had to say. It seems attitudes are the same in essance---Rave Family. Well what can I say, I have experienced most things and did to excess as when I first went to raves i did huge amounts to do what everybody else did. I later found out I did the hard core amounts, fun but oh fuck. Well I only did that for about 2-3 years and chilled out. Now it is about dancing. Enjoying the rhythem and the flow of it all. I haven't been to a rave in 3 years now but i like the dance and the friend ship you take away from it all. So be cool enjoy don't lose your mind or soul and love in all levels the people who are there.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 1999

well aciddrop i would have to agree with you about the GHB . Im from Tampa,FL and have been to many raves,many clubs such as Fantasy Ranch Cosmos,Cream and everything was really cool until people started getting stupid with the G.I myself have seen many people die right on the club dance floor.As a result of this Tampa has banned all late night clubs.BUT anyways GHB isn't really around to much anymore,i see it every once in awhile.The drug of choice these days is K,and of course we gotta have our BEANS!And i know what you meen about the vicks,i cant breath without it.Good luck,stay away from GGGGGGGGG!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 07, 1999

suck my dick??????????????

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2000

I agree with paul. Shut the hell up and have fun. If you want to bitch about it...then don't go you piece of shit.

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

hey, well i wanna say the main problem with the scene is the drugs.To the non-raver people when they think rave the first thing that comes to mind is drugs.And because of this the government is trying to stop the rave scene and thats not fair to all the drug free ravers out there.Then sex at raves well thats not my problem see some people don't think before they roll,and even if you are make sure someone is goin to take care of you or else there could be a big dick up ur ass by the end of the night if your not careful.and for over crowding theres not alot of that down here becuase the production companys down here make sure to get a place with alot of room.so thats how the scene down here in the m.i.a so p.eace,l.ove,u.nity,and r.espect to all the ravers so.. follow the white rabbit, and you'll find trinity

-- Anonymous, July 20, 2001

Well i think G is by far the best drug. Falling out is amazing!!! If i did not have drugs i would not be where i am right now. Like when i'm rolling that's when my kids get the most attention. One time i took about 4 geltabs and drove my kid to school, then i preceded to go in his kindergarten class and eat the entire container of Elmer's Glue. My kids are great though i got my daughter onto herb when she was about nine, now she's thirteen and smokes all day. We rolled together for her 13th birthday. With the drugs she is starting to see the more spiritual side of life. But back to G, i think it shouldn't get a bad wrap, besides if my five year old kid can use it in moderation so can you. Your maker, jones

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

Brain Jones will have one fucked up family some day...

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2002

first i really dont think the drugs are any problem at raves...it's the god damn PIGZ (cops)..they always gotta bust up the scene wich i really hate.the drugs are fun. i always look for vaction time when i go to raves.but seriously you do gotta know your limit.the un safe sex thing well........i haven't seen much of it.the only thing i seen that was kinda bad was these 2 peeps had just met and already they were fucking like 2 hours l8er...but i thought that was funny..the over crowding well let's see.i do agrree with the vicks cuz ya it does help at some points of time.but if it gets crowded just chill for a bit. so thats my opinions...thx for reading. l8er LSD DRAGON--------DRUM AND BASS RULES ALONG WITH ACID TECHNO

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2002

Nice to see this is still on a server. This is Bradpolo, and I no longer go to raves. I still jam to the music though.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2003

Who gives a fuck about what raves do just use your brain and have fun.

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2003

reading this makes me sad....everyone who does drugs is a fucking idiot..do u people not realize that you only destroy the scene that people like me have spent a long time trying to build...i have been djing for 6 years..and YES drugs are what got me started...but i also realized that drugs was the scenes downfall...so if your just coming out to roll and trip...then do the world a favor and STAY THE FUCK AT HOME!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2004

All of you people are degenerates. Get a life. I am gonna go by stock in Vicks.

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2004

I don't know much about raves, or clubs. butt ,.uh yea I need to warn everybody about the dangers and bad idea it is to do drugs or to go. so please stop or you will get it in the end. so ha i told you dumb people, only hope your smart enough. Laura Lazarowicz

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2004

Been there done that. Been to all the great ones. Hung on the dance flo' with the best of them. The bottom line is this: going to parties like that is a reward for yourself not a way of life. I once lived the life style and I must say going back and seeing when you got mad G's in the bank is awesome. Doing drugs should be a spiritual experience. Read "psychedelic experience." Then you will see. Other than that, Live Responsibly. It's the only way you will finish first.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2004

First of all, caling other people dumb is just being a dumb smartass...

My favourite club drug would have to be E. I was tired of doing G cuz i never did nothing lol... Ya it feels good, but if you go to a club you gotta either drink or pop. At first I only had to pop 1 e to go to a club, now i dun go as often as i used to when i was fifteen but when i do go i pop 3-5 pills depending on the kind. (Only 2 if they are high quality pills. e,g. Pink Rolex, Mitsubishi, or pure Mdma/Mda) The only thing that scares me is that if I'm 16 and I've already done almost everything. Now that might sound bad, but i know 13-year-olds who are doing crack, and when ur at that age the addiction can take u over COMPLETELY. it took me months to stop thinking about crack so, i think these kids are descending straight to hell. And it's all because they get this positive image of it from people like us, who they consider "cool." Seriously, if your one of those people who chop to little kids, then i think ur a complete ass... (Unless it's chronic... Who da fuck gives a fuck about chronic?)

-- Anonymous, November 19, 2004

guys these drugs are seriouly gonna hurt you! like geez its great that your all out there with the PLUR but drugs are just gonna kill you. and to the guy givin his kids drugs...dude thats not cool!

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2005

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