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Ok... here is the only code that I found that will send out mail on Win95/98 systems... Can anyone convert it to replace the coding in S-Mart that uses sendmail....

I have yet to get any sendmail code to work!

Here is the code that works:

sub sendemail { use Socket; $TO=$_[0]; @TO=split('\0',$TO); $SUBJECT=$_[1]; $REPLYTO=$_[2]; $REMOTE = $_[3]; $THEMESSAGE = $_[4]; if ($REMOTE =~ /^(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)$/) { $addr = pack('C4', $1, $2, $3, $4); } else { die("Bad IP address: $!"); } $port = 25 unless $port; $port = getservbyname($port,'tcp') if $port =~ /\D/; $proto = getprotobyname('tcp'); socket(S, PF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, $proto) or die("Socket failed: $!"); $sockaddr = 'S n a4 x8'; # shouldn't this be in connect(S, pack($sockaddr, AF_INET, $port, $addr)) or die("Unable to connect: $!");

select(S); $| = 1; select(STDOUT); $a=; print S "HELO\n"; $a=; print S "MAIL FROM:\n"; $a=; print S "RCPT TO:<$TO[0]>\n"; $a=; if ($#TO > 0) { foreach (1..$#TO) { print S "RCPT TO: $TO[$_]\n";$a=; } } print S "DATA \n"; $a=; print S "To: $TO[0]\n"; if ($#TO > 0) { foreach (1..$#TO) { print S "Cc: $TO[$_]\n"; } } print S "Subject: $SUBJECT\n"; print S "Reply-To: $REPLYTO\n";

# Print the body print S "$THEMESSAGE\n"; print S ".\n"; $a=; print S "QUIT"; close (S); }

-- Dave (, January 05, 1999


Dave, This isn't the answer you want, but I got tired of struggling with hacking socket routines (using Xitami and Win95) to replace sendmail. I bit the bullet and got Windmail ( It's a virtual drop-in replacement for sendmail in CGI scripts. Yep, I tried blat, wsendmail and several other command line mailers.

It's pricey at $129.00, but I figure on saving that much in aspirins and time saved.

-- Ken Sukimoto (, February 08, 1999.

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