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I'm sorry if anyone got the wrong idea, but NONE of the listed items on the users guide have been officially banned yet...

I was just getting the layout of the list put together, and trying to get a voting system laid out, and just added the first few items that I collected out of the discussion board.

I will update the page tonight to make sure that it is more clear.

Also, I will be changing the record of votes from "against/for" to "ban/keep"


-- Angry (, January 05, 1999


To P or not to P

I was wondering, is there any way of policing whether someone has pressed P (for piss?) during a game. This may seem a petty point, but down the arcade part of the skill was in whether you could still keep shooting the 'roids after 4 hours with a bladder-full and tears streaming down your face.

-- Fritzy (, January 06, 1999.

that is the question

There's no way to tell from the .inp file whether the game was paused or not.

Anyway, I think it's fine to piss mid-game, but I don't think we should allow more than 3 shakes.


-- Zwaxy (, January 06, 1999.

I had rather be a dog, and bay the moon!

Indeed, to further the quest for realism, might I suggest that no-one may declare a game of Space Invaders without having first sniffed a bag of glue, drunk a bottle of Merrydown, and punched at least one Mod.

-- Fritzy (, January 06, 1999.

and if there's no glue.......

hopefully someone has poured a whole swag of petrol (gas for our US friends) over the floor. Actually, now that I think of it that was probably a pretty dumb trend, filling a room full of electrical equipment full of petrol fumes.... not that I ever did it but I did put up with the fumes to play Defender at one of the 1st places to get it here in Christchurch.


PS: What is a Merrydown ?!

PPS: What ever happened to that cast-iron bladder I used to have back in the hay-days of the arcades?! It wasn't uncommon for me to spend 8 hours (and 17mill pts) playing a not-so-quick game of Juno First and never once did I have the need for a pee ?!? Ok hit me with the age jokes everyone......... ;-))

-- BeeJay (, January 06, 1999.

Merrydown? It's a refreshing apple drink. (No Text)


-- Zwaxy (, January 06, 1999.

Why thankyou Zwaxy for the quick response.


-- BeeJay (, January 06, 1999.

I was trying to get that centipede trick working for me

Did you see Randood's centipede recording?

I think I'll have to vote that it's to be banned - it makes the game pretty boring once you've got the centipede trapped, although getting it there in the first place is a nightmare!

-- Zwaxy (, January 06, 1999.

17 mill on Juno First?

I'd like to see that- well maybe not all 8 hours of it :)

What is it with Christchurch and MARP... there's 3 people on the leaderboard top ten that hail from the Garden City. Must be something in that natural spring water. Speaking of H20, I read somewhere about a pro video game player that had a fool proof method of solving those bladder busting moments during a marathon game. He used to affix a hose like implement at one end to his trouser snake, and ran the hose down his jeans leg with the other end affixed to an empty coke bottle (at least 2 litre size I'd say in case of overflow) so he could pee at will without interrupting the game... does this mean MARPer's should emulate this method in marathon games to achieve a more arcade realistic element?

Nah... thank God for the Pee key I reckon.

-- JSW (, January 06, 1999.

I'm working on the 17mill score......


Have no fear your score is going to be under attack soon.... its just taking time to get the skills up to it with keyboard controls.... but I'm getting there.

Of course, I'm rather distracted at the moment trying to catch Juan on Wonderboy as well - I finally broke 1 million and made it onto stage 7-1 so I'm getting there.... not to mention someone who took away my Gyruss scores needing some retribution. ;-))

Juno First was one game that took very little practising before I could beat it - usually I'd have around 60 lives in reserve by the time I reached 17-18 million even though it only offers them every 100k. Welp, only 7 hours to go now until work is finished for another day and then I can get back into Mame'ing.


-- BeeJay (, January 06, 1999.

Correction, 7 hours till work finished and 9.5 hours till the kids are all in bed...

then it will be time for some more Wonderboy, Juno First and Gyruss...



-- BeeJay (, January 06, 1999.

Forget "#1" what about "#2"? :0

Well, I can tell you what happened to a friend of mine (Billy Mitchell) only because he probably won't read this if anything, at all. He told me a story from back in '85 when he was in this arcade with a few friends and they were all going for marathon world records, each one slightly modified their game to allow them to not fatigue so quickly. Some removed the control panel and sat in a recliner and played, while Billy just used a 25 foot extension cord to the game and a ordinary bar stool. Well, about 18 hours into his game of Centipede, it was that very moment when he had to remove his bowles, so he called his friend over and said, "It's time" "I need you to go behind the game and push it straight foward into the bathroom behind me" So Billy began to walk backwards while still playing his game as his friend pushed the centiped all the way to the bathroom opening. One problem was that the game would not fit through the bathroom door, so all he could do was have the game act as a door while he sat down and did his business. Billy then said to his friend, "Now, make SURE you stand guard and I'll let you know when you can slide the game back into it's place" Well, his friend stolled on over to check out this other player very briefly, when this lady came over to use the bathroom. So when she slid the game out a little to step inside, there was Billy, pants down to his knees, pinching a loaf. He then glanced up to the lady and said, "excuse me, but can't you see I'm trying to play a game of Centipede?!". :) I talk about it with Billy everytime we talk just for for a good laugh. I don't know how I would of reacted, but that just goes to show you when your "In the zone" you just don't give a dam about anything that's going on around you or in this case, IN you! :)

See Ya! Steve Krogman

-- Stephen Krogman (, January 07, 1999.

At least Bomb Jack had a safe zone....

When I played it for 24 hours for Telethon one year I would just get to one particular stage get BJ where he couldn't be got and then disappear off for a dump, food & drink etc...

The only real problem was if you mis-timed it you had to hold on for another couple of dozen rounds again... :-(


-- BeeJay (, January 07, 1999.

Safe zones and Hot Rockin' for You

Yeah I also know the Bomb Jack safe zone, but I was never good enough to have to use it. I often used the safe number of lives technique though, on games such as Terra Cresta were you could build up enough extra's to be able to take a quick leak. Hot Rockin for You from Konami (1985) was the best, I once built up enough lives to leave the arcade and go to MacDonald's for lunch, when I returned 20 minutes later it was still going! Talking of that game, has anyone ever seen it or is it just me? There's a Konami game called Rock'n'Rage from the same year, is it the same one? Love to see this game again one day.

Shame there was never a safe zone for Track & Field, when I did a 5 million I had to retire because I neeeded the loo. Thank MAME for the P key.


-- Dith (, January 07, 1999.

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