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Announcing The London Photo Document 1999

This project is for all who love London and all who love photography.

The aim is to display 24 photographic images of London every day of the year 1999. This is meant to be a showcase of different aspects of London and also as a historical document for future generations.

All photographers are welcome to submit their photos of London (taken in 1999) for inclusion on the website. If you have a digital camera or access to a scanner please send in your best photos. All photographs remain copyright of the people who took them.

Please send Photos (in jpeg format) to including your name, the date and time the photo was taken and the location. You may also include your email address. Email for further details or visit the website at

Thank you and have a great new year,


-- F.Filmbaker (, January 05, 1999


I'd love to sumit some work.... any exposure is good ! I am a pro working in the east end of london & have loads of great stuff. However I know nothing about you or your project ( not wishing to sound rude ) could you please provide some form of info on the legitimacy of your project - ta

-- ben (, April 25, 2000.

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