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I would like some opinons about my web site. It tells about my business, myself and my work. Most of my images are black & white and/or hand-colored. I would like some advice on how to make the site more user friendly. I am fairly new at the web page building process, and don't know alot about html, or how to go from thumbnail to full size. Any help woul be greatly appreciated. My address is:http:pages.whowhere.com/arts/s.tanya/

-- Tanya Smith (s.tanya@mailcity.com), January 05, 1999


Opps! That URL address is: http://pages.whowhere.com/arts/s.tanya/

-- Tanya Smith (s.tanya@mailcity.com), January 05, 1999.

At first I thought that the only photo on your site was the one at the top of your home page. I had to search a bit to find the photos, even though the link was at the bottom of the page.

Maybe you could intersperse the text with the photos. That's a lot of text to read when someone is looking for photos. So the text, essentially, is ignored.

"I'm not eating the daisies": This title would have been better if the child had actually been eating the daisies. "Fresh Flowers" might be better.

When setting up a site, the main thing to remember is give the person what they are looking for. I almost missed the link at the bottom for the photos. Links like that should be up at the top, and the home page should be Spartan.

If you aren't using an HTML editor, the handiest book I would recommend is "HTML for Dummies." It's cheap and succinct.

-- Brian C. Miller (a-bcmill@exchange.microsoft.com), January 06, 1999.

Hi Tanya, first of all you are living out MY dream. I agree with the other comment in that I would suggest a menu in the upper portion of the page (above the "fold" of the page as they say).

Also, a very small point, you list a link to your site between your fax # and your e-mail address. If someone is reading your page they no longer need a link. It is by the way not too much text for me.

Your photos are lovely. I will bookmark your page and return to see if you add more. Take a look at my page if you like and you will see that I have taken a different approach as I would like to generate some internet business:


I am sending a copy of this to your e-mail address as I am not sure how this forum notifies someone of comments like this.

Regards, Mark

-- Mark Jacoby (markjacoby@go.com), June 28, 1999.

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