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I'm a photo student in Victoria, and would like some thoughts or critizism on my website.

Oh and yes there is some nudity and some other subject matter that could cause people to run away in shame...but I don't think my self portrait is that bad. Thanks in advance!


-- Glenn Volkmann (, January 04, 1999


I went away, I guess I'm not mature enough. Sorry.

-- Andy Hughes (, January 28, 1999.

Some interesting stuff, but too much studenty class-assignment type work ("this one shows 'contrast'....."). And way WAY too much commentary. IMHO if you have to explain every nuance of the picture or intent or process, then there is no point to the image at all....if the image can not speak for itself or "move" the viewer on its own. This site is sort of a diary of photographic discovery, I suppose.

I liked the digital work the best, because it seemed to have the most of "you" in it. I could be wrong, but they seemed more personal and creative rather than a class assignment. Something someone may want to hang on a wall or put in a magazine. And I'm a "straight photography" guy.

And whats up with the bikini shoot?

Anyway, keep up the enthusiasm & energy & good wrk.

Don Minton

-- don minton (, March 13, 1999.

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