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You can get Topquality prints on inkjetprinters in B&W, but not all inks are fade-resistant, you schould ask the manufacturer for more details. Here is an question i recently asked "Epson", and their answer... Please watch out, this is not only a "Epson" Problem, others do have the same problem. And they are all working very hard to solve it greetings, Michael

> Detailed Description of Problem: Hello, i do not have any problems with my Stylus Pro5000. A Gallery asked me to scan and duplicate a lot of > artwork from there artists. The big question is of course, how >long does > it take before a print will lose its colorquality > in normal surcomstances. Do you have any study's about this mather, > or a website/page with those details. Thank you for your help > Greetings from Belgium > Michel

Answer from Epson:


The ink that the EPSON Ink Jet printers use is Not for archival purposes. This ink is not fade-resistant. EPSON has found that under museum type conditions, the prints will last up to 3 months without noticeable deterioration. There are also spray luminance at local art stores that can prolong the image life.

Thank You,

Lizette, L . EPSON Connection

-- michael wojcik (, January 04, 1999


I have been printing on Epson printers for 2 years now, and my very first prints, from an Epson Stylus 500, are still free from fading if kept away from direct sunlight. If not, I have found they will start fading in a matter of weeks. I currently own an Epson Stylus Photo, and produce prints for my wedding clients. My simple answer to them (if they ask) is " Yes, they may fade, but then so will any photographic print if kept in adverse conditions (I am a full-time photographer in the Royal Australian Air Force).

-- Stephen J. Clements (, January 14, 1999.

Hey guys, check out Mis Associates at They claim to have 100 year ink for the Epson printers. Also quad tones.


-- Steve Bingham (, January 17, 1999.

Hi Archivel inks are available from the UK. Known as lysonic inks. Information on these inks and UK distibuters can be found by visiting the British Journal of Photography site at

They work extremely well with Epson Printers but the print heads have to thoroughly cleansed with the Lysonic cleaner before using the inks. Trev

-- Trevor Cantle (, July 09, 1999.

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