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i live in england and i love roses make up in the film

please help!!!!

cheers linsey

-- linsey reed beeston (, January 03, 1999



Check out some of the message threads under the "Kate Winslet" and "Making the Movie" categories on this website. Over the last year or so, there has been some discussion of Kate's makeup in the movie. You should find something of interest in the postings.

Good luck!!


-- Kathleen Marcaccio (, January 03, 1999.

Linsey, Hi. This may be of some help. I read in the teen issue of People (don't ask why I read teen, that obsession thing may start up again) that the makeup artist used peachy tones, and blended the foundation in with powder. Sorry, I don't remember everything else the article said, but if you can find it, the issue was the special Titanic one. Good luck.

-- cgk (, January 04, 1999.

If you want toknow exactly what all was use you should order a backissue of Make-Up Artists Magazine. You can order on line at I believe. Hope that helps some:)

-- Miranda Swearingen (, January 04, 1999.

Link to back issue order form for Make-Up Artist magazine.

Issue no.11 (Feb/March 1998) is the Titanic issue.

{correct title of magazine; added date for issue no.11}

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 06, 1999.

Im not sure if youre still interested in Roses makeup from Titanic, considering it was several years ago. But, ive recently discovered a look that was quite similar to Kates. MAC cosmetics carries quite an assortment of peach and brown tones and i came across a blush in the color Tenderling and a lipstick in the shade Marrakesh. These two cosmetics together are simply stunning. I hope this is any use to you.

-- Kristene Dart (, December 25, 2003.

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