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Before I purchased this camera I had read about this camera under exposing by other users in the collectible section of Photonet so it came to be no surprise. I usually never set the true value of a.s.a. with my other cameras. I`m glad that I can adjust the film speed with this Minox model and I took this into consideration before i bought this GT-E. That`s probably why the GTX wasn`t as popular model. I`m asking other users of GT-E and other model users do you encounter the same quirks as I do?

-- Binghum (, January 01, 1999


I forgot to add that this under exposure of 1 stop occurs only when in bright scenes such as scenic shots or open sunlit areas. In the shaded place the meter set at true film speed is fine. Thanks


-- Binghum (, January 01, 1999.

Binghum, I seldom check my camera exposure meter, rather adjust the EI numbers slightly up or down for best results with each camera, just like what you did with your GT-E; I figured, even if the expousre meter of my camera is accurate, how do I know whethere its shutter is also exact ? For that reason, GT-E's manual EI code setting has its advantage. Many auto cameras with DX coding, but has EI + - adjustment dials probably for the same reason. I usually 'calibrate' each one of my camera with Agfa HDC 100 film.

-- mt (, January 02, 1999.

I have found that underexposure in bright conditions is caused by light from the sky above the image area entering the lightmeter, which obviously covers a larger area than the actual image area. If you hold the camera upside down so that the lens door acts as a shade above the lens,the exposure reading is correct. Of course, its harder to read the shutter speed meter when its upside down and the release button is now underneath the camera !

I have also noticed that the GT-E is far more accurate then the GT in low light situations (eg. normal room lighting indoors). The GT under exposes by 2-3 stops whereas the GT-E still gives correct exposures (although these can run into seconds in length of course).

-- Simon Phillips (, August 09, 1999.

Gary, add Minox lens hood PN 59305

For models without built in skylight filter on lens, use Minox lenshood with skylight filter PN 59303

-- martin tai (, February 02, 2000.

I have tried three rolls with my new minox GT, most of the photos were underexposed. I was told this is due to camera needing cleaning. Or is this really a generic problem as people seem to indicate here? (I am doing the same trick with ASA now, do not know how much yet though :<)

-- ulugeyik (, June 27, 2000.

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