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Here are some more examples of games in which point leeching is possible, or borderline.

Time Pilot - fly around forever on a level (preferably level 2), don't shoot the enemies, instead just pick up parachutes. It's not very risky once you get the hang of it, and you can keep building up lives this way. Should be banned.

Bosconian - same as above (sort of), just keep flying from left to right, shooting all the while. Takes a while to build up points, but it works. Should probably be banned.

Yie-Ar Kung Fu - against Star (Stage 2), continually attack the throwing stars that get thrown at you and don't hit her. Since she backs off and then throws another each time you hit one, all you have to do is get the attack levels right. This builds points rather slowly, and you are at a bit of a risk when doing this, plus it really only works the first time you fight her (the second time around, she throws three at once which makes it much harder... although the game loops back to Stage 1 when you beat Stage 99, but if you can do that chances are you don't need this technique). I don't think this should be banned...?

Rygar - when time runs out, you don't automatically die, instead an invincible enemy flies through the sky to kill you or force you to hurry your ass up to the end of the level. However, with a well-timed jump (or by ducking), you can evade the thing. But then it comes back around, moving even faster. Each successive time you cheat death it gets faster and faster, to the point of where it's almost impossible to successfully guess whether you should jump or duck. Anyway, I mention this because using as much time as possible killing monsters can raise your score a good deal. On two of my three recordings I do this on every level, using the maximum time to get a higher score, and I jump over the thing's head maybe 3 or 4 times on average. This is a risky tactic, and after 500,000 points you only get free lives by finding 1-Ups in certain levels... so I don't think this should be banned.

I thought of some others earlier but can't remember what they were now.


-- BBH (, January 01, 1999


id take rygar off there...

rygar is more of a case of lasting...i think the red demon thing speeds up ...just a little, or so it seems to, but it only goes so take rygar off the leech list due to the fact that when it goes dark you can die really easily...there is GREAT risk in dying

-- Krool (, January 02, 1999.

yeh, that's what I mean...

I was just giving examples of games where it's possible to "leech" points, and theoretically it should be possible to last forever on a level on Rygar, killing monsters... but for mere mortals like myself, it's a very risky tactic which I think makes it exempt from being on the list. And it puts you at even more risk when you die since we know how hard some of those levels can be when you don't have any item power-ups :)


-- BBH (, January 03, 1999.

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