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Does anybody know about Y2K preparedenss efforts in Cambridge, MA? I am trying to locate people in my area who are working on this.

-- Elizabeth Bryer (, January 01, 1999


Hi Elizabeth,

I don't know the geography of your area, but I know if you check this url you'll find an active group of people out your way where you could no doubt make some connections:


The guy who's been in the lead in that area is Ian Wells, and the last email address I had for him is:

And you may want to list yourself in the directory by clicking there or clicking its link on the Millennium Salons main page some time - just in case the someone else from Cambridge arrives wondering the same thing as you...

The Cassandra Project community prep site directory also lists the Pioneer Valley site at Again: Have no idea where that is in relation to you, but you might be able to make some contacts there too. This person's listed as the contact for them:

Brice Wilson

Good luck!

-- Bill (, January 01, 1999.

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