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A new year has come upon us, with so much in question. It was an interesting year -- that much can't be denied. With our taxpayer money being virtually flushed down the toilet every day by the so-called governor, the election and probable fraud still up in the air, Clinton's promises to Guam held up by impeachment hearings, and Christmas/New Year's ads being taken out by the governor and his family at our expense with the education department suffers financially ... what do y'all want to see for 1999?

Look ahead to 1999. Because 98 is history.

-- Lighthouse Keeper (lighthousekeeper@my-dejanews.com), January 01, 1999


I agree with Lighthouse about those goshdarned Christmas and New Year's ads. Why do we have to pay for Karl to run pictures of his lovely family. With the possibility of a new election hanging over Karl's bald-combover head, it's clear the ads are nothing more than campaign spots paid for by the taxpayers. TV ads and Print ads. What else is new?

It's a new year, but I'm sure we'll see the same old shit in 1999.

-- (chris@malafunkshun.com), January 01, 1999.

The top 5 ways our government flushed taxpayer monies down the toilet in 1998:

* The $3 Million dollar lease of the old Harmon Pay-More to the Guam Power Authority. GPA paid busloads of cash while the building sat empty for months. Only when the lease was the target of public scrutiny did GPA decide to move in. Now Eddie Pepsi is in charge of Power at the Legislature. Maybe he'll introduce a bill to let GPA lease the Pepsi factory for $10 million a month.

* The handing out of $2.5 million worth of free power poles and line extentsions. An obvious political vote-winning tactic, it will come back to haunt us when GPA goes to the table in 1999 to ask for a rate increase. It is also impossible to determine how one goes about getting a free power pole (Maybe a certain kind of sticker?). This expense was charged to the "Governor's Special Projects Account", an account that has no budget.

* The transfer of $2.5 million from GPA for "Paka repairs". The money was tranferred, GPA has no clue what it was spent on, and the transfer may endganger the agency's bond covenant. Whether or not the money will be reimbursed remains to be seen. But the GPA ratepayers will probably make up for it 1999.

* The raid of DOD funds from the Department of Education. When the Gross Reciepts Tax became the funding source for DOE, $4.5 million dollars in DOD reimbursements that had been in DOE's accounts turned up missing. The People of Guam should be outraged they live on an island where $4.5 million disappears and no one notices or seems to care.

* Private driveway paving. Another example of blatant mis-use of taxpayer's monies, and up to now it's still happening. The administration will not tell us how much public money they spent to win votes. DPW documents reveal that 14,000 metric tons of asphalt was used in the Mogfog area of Dededo alone. The driveway paving really hurt us when DPW couldn't afford to pay salaries and the Guam Police Department was forced to give the agency $700,000. Less money to fight crime and protect our kids just so some people could have the luxury of a "free" driveway.

If you do the simple math, these abuses add up to a rough total of $15 million (if you concede that all the driveways cost about $5 million). That's $15 million we sure could use now. Let's hope 1999 is a better year to be a taxpayer dollar.

-- (chrisagain@malafunkshun.com), January 01, 1999.

Chris and Lighthouse,

I can't believe that on New Year's eve,in the midst of parties and fireworks, you two had nothing better to do than log into a computer and submit enteries into this forum!!! GET A LIFE! You are obsessed.

-- Obsession (fix@tion.com), January 04, 1999.


Hey smartiepants, if you haven't realized it yet, the dates on this forum are about a day off (the reason is that this forum is hosted by a server in the states). Thus, while it looks like I posted on Jan. 1, I actually posted on Jan. 2. So that blows a hole through your "get a life" argument. But thanks for your concern.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), January 05, 1999.

You do need to get a life. Quit complaining. Joe Ada lost. Move on. Won't you be embarrassed when Ada goes to the states to represent us? You people should go work for the PDN, so you can figure out who's related to the governor and how much they're making. Why is it news when Hana makes $45,000? Who cares about that? I'll give you some free advice, since my profession doesn't allow it. Read Carl Gutierrez' biography. You'll learn something about a great man with brave ideas not afraid to go against the poltical grain. Copies are available at the Governor's Office. And yes, it was written by Katherine Aguon and Tony Palomo with guidance from Hana Gutierrez. I know you crybabies will start whining about how they wrote it on taxpayer's time. WRONG. That's just the kind of man Carl is. He is such a good leader that people want to write about him and juggle full-time directorships. It's about sacrifice. Take a hint.

-- Jess (rulz98@ns.gov.gu), January 06, 1999.

No, Lighthouse, you haven't "blown a hole" in my "get a life" argument. New Year's Day fell on a beautiful Friday but instead of going to parties, hanging out at the beach, taking advantage of outrageous sales, or even recovering from partying the night before, you logged on to this forum to whine about Carl Gutierrez.

-- Obsession (fix@tion.com), January 06, 1999.

It only takes a few minutes to post something here. Why you wasting time?

-- (mirror@image.com), January 06, 1999.

Dear CivilL DefencE Super Guy Bob Kelly

My neighbor is painting and the fumes are reallY getting to me. Can you bring in companies to take air samples so they can get lost or can you get GUam FiRe to install a big fan to blow the fumes away? If you can't, I prefeR to be get a room at the Red Carpet. It is Red Carpet, right? Not Red and YeLLow carpet? I know you are busy peeIng on fires, but please still helping to me. MayBe you guys should just BurN the whole dump, pump full of oxyegn? If I get a Room at ReD CarpeT (the Official GovgUam Disatser Hotel?) can I ride in the Pregnant Wommen VahiCle?

Anna FuGaZi

-- (mirror@image.com), January 06, 1999.


I posted two paragraphs on Jan. 2. I still had lots of fun that day, and on the days before it. I did take advantage of sales and did go to parties, although perhaps not as many as when I was younger. My life is quite fine. Thanks for caring.

As for your imperative to "get a life": do you feel it is your need to order people to get lives? And when you do order them to get lives, do you mean you want them to live lives more like yours, or to do more partying? Or do you simply demand that we enjoy our lives more than we are now? Because I enjoy my life, so I hope I'm complying with your orders. I also feel that it's a better use of my time to participate in public discussions about our government than to consume large amounts of alcohol and fatty foods and watch mindless television. But I also believe in freedom of choice, and I respect your lifestyle choices.

I only ask that you respect mine. I hope that's not too much to ask.

-- Lighthouse (lighthouse1999@yahoo.com), January 07, 1999.

"If the Ada-Camacho attorney lacks integrity, it is indicative of the whole bunch."

- Bob Kelly, Governor's Special Assistant for Cliff Hotel Affairs

Can we same the same about various GovGuam Agenciy directors?

Ok, couldn't resist. Here's my imitation of Bob Kellie:

!!!Cannot stop using exclamation point!!!! !!!Cannot stop using exclamation point!!!!

What a big mullard. They send all these families to the Cliff Hotel (owned by a big 98 supporter and in the home village of our Gov) crying about how the wind changed direction. Then the canisters get lost (?) then the test results show the air is harmless.

How about the Navy bringing out its own scientists to tell the residents of Mong Mong there's nothing unusual about the PCB levels in the village. "You'd have to eat a ton of fish before anything would happen," one of the Navy people said. I'd look for second opinion. History is full of examples of the Government lying about how safe things are (Waste-To-Energy). US EPA is trying to get human sewage and industrial waste sludge (politically-correct title: biosolids) fertilizers under the "Organic" label.

There needs to be a dissenting view point, hence this forum. We've got Jon Andersen (sat on Vision 2001 board, accepted free trip from Gutierrez to Clinton's inauguration), Mike Powel (emceed a 98 fundraiser at a posh hotel) with big-time media slots. KUAM ran a seven-minute pro-incinerator story with no opposing viewpoint (and Eddie Pepsi ahs legislative oversight of the dump and any possible incinerator project .. gee Thanks republicans!). PDN columnists are cool ... need some company though.

-- (fugazi@na'anmo.kadadia), January 14, 1999.

now we cant afford to pay out the earned income credit. joey deunas says on the paper that they paid out 3,000 checks already. wonder if that was the first 3000 with 98 stickers? nah. all the stuff these guys been saying is true, looks like the next four years are gonna be bad. not gloating, but its sad to see. now i hear on the news those who stayed on the cliff hotel for odrot fire are coming home and even get shiny red carbon monoxide detectors. we have spent over $300,000 on that damn pile of burning tires. $250,000 is the emergency limit. thats a lot of money. wonder how much PCR Envrinmental got in contracts. Thought you guys would like to know they are a Calvo owned company, yes same company running a little incinerator at the port. You go Palau! Get the PHilippines, tell them to stop stealing your fish!

-- (eic@broke.com), January 20, 1999.

Does anyone know where I can get documentation of how much Karl's relatives make (i.e. Hannah).

-- I love Hannah (98sux@ns.gov.gu), January 20, 1999.

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