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i love roses curly hair and i want it , my hair is thick and straight please help i have tried everything thanks, linsey

-- linsey reed-beeston (, December 31, 1998


You could try getting a perm but that is permanent. You could try that thing called "Perm For a day"...that works pretty well. Also you could try shredding up and old shirt and srapping your peices of hair around them. Make sure your hair is damp when you do this though. Good Luck!

Laura Keeper Of Rose's Boarding Suit Keeper Of Rose's Brekfast Scene Robe

-- Laura (, December 31, 1998.

I have thick hair too and long for curls....what I do to curl my hair is with heated tongs for up to 3hrs,I put my hair up in a halfponytail....curl the undergrowth,then I gradually pull strands down and curl them.....the finished result makes me look like an afro east!!!....But VO5 Mousse works wonders and it goes calm hair is dyed red too with Feria by Loreal....Good luck Titanic fan!!!‰

-- Jo Duggan (, February 12, 1999.

when you wash your hair doesnt your hair go culy anyway. so while you hair is damp put gel,mouse and hairspray and then blowdryit(you dont have to) then put other products on it when its dry( do this because my mums a hairdresses) it looks fabulouse

-- emily swats (, February 18, 2003.

when you wash your hair doesnt your hair go culy anyway. so while you hair is damp put gel,mouse and hairspray and then blowdryit(you dont have to) then put other products on it when its dry( do this because my mums a hairdresses) it looks fabulouse trust me

-- emily swats (, February 18, 2003.

Wash your hair at night with just conditioner, then put in a hair product like mousse or gel. Then go to bed. When you wake up you get a nice curly, relaxed crimp look! Good Luck!

-- Sarah Soft (, February 25, 2003.

Ok, Im serious my hair is as FLAT as a board. But when I want it to be curly, (I have hair about to my shoulders) I wake up, take a shower, let my hair dry naturally for about...10 min. Then I take hairspray, and spray upward and scrunch my hair in my hands. Then I take a small size curling Iron, and curl sections around my hair, then I hairspray those too. It makes a curly look, and it looks natural because the hairspray keeps it lookin wet, (If you put enough hairspray!) Good Luck! And Im serious! it works! :)

-- Tiffany Renee (, May 08, 2003.

I am a black female with hair touching my shoulders. I wanted to get natural looking curly,wavey hair.Could I do that and how? Also,my hair is frizzy.

-- Chrys McCray (, June 15, 2003.

i use Catwalk - it rocks your curls. i diffuse my hair & scrunch upside down, then use a little hairspray. best yet. also have used Graham Webb - making waves.

-- Wendy Stehle (, August 06, 2003.

Wash your hair. Put half your hair in a ponytail, and leave the other half down. Rub gel thru hair (thru the side that is down). Next, braid small sections of hair. repeat on other half of hair. Note: The more wave you want, the smaller the braid should be.

-- Siena Solari (, September 21, 2003.

make sure your hair is damp and get a handful of mousse and scrunch your hair in it and it makes nice little wavey curls in your hair it looks amazing, honestly it does work.

-- Lucy Carmicheal (, November 13, 2003.

Ok im not positivally sure if this works.... what i usually do (i have THICK but curly hair (ot make it more curly) i take a shower (doesnt matter what kind of shampoo and conditioner).. then i tie it up in the messiest high bun and sleep on it overnight.... in the morning.. its CURLY!! (u might want to use hairspray or mousse or gel or something.. =) hope i helped!

-- reshmi (, December 29, 2003.

ok..if you want roses curly hair you can try one of two things. the first thing is to take a shower or wet your hair becasue now it's easier to work with. Now you take gel and scrunch your hair up with your hands. After you do this you can take a diffuser and dry your hair in the scrunching way. Another way for more rose-like curls is to wet your hair & then take some gel or this product called Curlogic and twist strands of hair around your finger giving you the long soft curl look. Hope i helped.

-- Jennifer (, January 13, 2004.

Well if you want her hair so badly you should go to a salon show them a picture of her hair and theyll give you a perm.

-- Holly Topez (, February 25, 2004.

Ok this is what I do...First you have to buy a leave in conditioner then after you wash your hair WITH OUT CONDITIONing!!(this is very important)the towel dry ur hair a little so that its not dripping but still quite wet then put lots of leave in conditioner in scrunch in each hand full of hair for about 35 seconds and then blow dry your hair with a defuser with ur head upside down! It really works!!! (my hair is thick nad frizzy) Good Luck

-- Amanda MacEachern (, February 27, 2004.

What I do, is take a shower and towel dry the hair so its still wet, but not tripping. Then I put in some sort of product, a curling moouse, a gel or some other product that will hold. Then I take little sections, twirl it, tie it in a knot, and then pin it to my head. After it is all done, it looks like i have little buns all over my head. I sleep on it, and when i take them out, i have a full head of gorgeous curls!

-- hayley (, March 07, 2004.

Roses hair is done by pin culing (taking small sections of hair, applyng mousse and then twisting around the finger and securing with a pin curl grip and left to dry) but it can take sometime especially on long hair. Not all but i'm sure some salons will do this. Depending how straight your hair is naturally, scrunch drying can be effective using the right products. The salon i work in use catwalk curls by Ti Gi which is great stuff. Also like someone else said wetting your hair and sleeping with it in a messy bun can create soft curls, but hair bands on wet hair cause breakage, so it's not a good idea to do that too often. Hope this helped, other other way is to get a perm :s Good luck. Laura

-- laura (, March 30, 2004.

This always works for me. I have hair down/little past my shoulders. if you don't want to get your hair wet or deal with it then here's a dry way. Take mouse or gel. (i use Aussie Sprunh **yes, Sprunch**) turn your head upside-down, and sray upwards. take a sections of hair(good sized) and hold it in position for about 1- seconds. (leave head upside down) do that until whole head is done.

-- Carolyn Wilson (, June 17, 2004.

I don't know how you get curly hair - but to take care of it you should check out

-- antonio (, June 25, 2004.

u could buy a crimping iron or u wet ur hair or damp it and take 2 fingers and twist little pieces of hair at a time and pin it up till u do all ur hair....i did this in school 4 a class i had to take (cosmotology) and it looks really nice ....wait till ur hair is dry then take it out

-- marlaina (, July 09, 2004.

I've got thick hair and i used to use to wash it before i go t bed n scrunch it abit wen i woke i found i had to put more mousse on n then more during the day before i got my curls but now i've bought some Bendy Curlers u can get them for less than 5 for bout 10 it depends how little or thick ya hair is to how many u need! But all i do now is wash hair on a night n take a section of my hair wrap it round one of these curlers but DONT bend curler upwards leave it bent once so its in a U shape then use an elastic band t secure both ends this helps for the curls t look natural carry this process on all round ya head. i found it easier t half my hair n do underneath first then wen i did top i didnt curl them right t top so again it luks natural n wen uve done all head go t sleep can take bout15 mins but wen ya get used t it its quicker n also u dont have as many bad products in ya hair coz wen ya wake take em out (takes bout 10 mins) if u find curls too tight just get some mousse n run ya fingers down culrs t stretch em out this will give u a fabolous head of natural looking curls! TRY IT! IF YA NEED ME T EXPLAIN IT AGAIN IN MORE DETAIL JUST EMAIL ME. GOOD LUCK!

-- Shel Holmes (, August 03, 2004.

Ok Linsey, if you want your hair 2 b like roses then you could always go to your local hair salon and get a perm, but then agen wen you get bored of it an straighten it you will damage your locks [trust me, ive been there and had 2 have my hair cut short] or then again you could wash your hair an then scruch it with any kind of gel [i found gel works the best and keeps the look natural] and then to keep it secure spritz it with any type of product. Hope

-- Klee (, August 07, 2004.

has any body used wash and curl shampoo? my hair is very straight, and don't want the permanent curls. gel and moose are too sticky. so, if any body has discovered any shampoo that makes your hair curl, then please let me know.

-- harprit (, August 17, 2004.

hey what up i have very long hair past muh shoulders and its not frizzy all u do is wash it no shampoo no mousse make shure its damp near to wet towl dry it as best as u can do not use coditinure then use hair spray and scrunch from the bottom up wid hair spay al of hairsprayt then take curling iron and curl all around it u will have rosses curly hjair when u wake up promise

-- lauren stowe (, August 26, 2004.

trust me diffusers are the answer if your hair has any natural curl but u dont want frizz!!! i tried EVERYTHING to get my naturally wavy.. curly.. hair to work.. all the hair products.. mousse.. gel.. leave in conditioner.. serums.. lotions.. sprays.. pommades.. etc.. nothing works like a diffuser!!! got one yesterday..AMAZiNG.. i never thought theyd work so well!!!

-- jillian (, August 26, 2004.

i have really flat thick hair and it is so hard to week before going to school again i decided i would try new looks on my is how to get a promised look of roses curls!!...

what you need.... 1 egg YOLK palm size amount of any gel a blender or fork (blender for best results) blowdryer one teaspoon mayonaise (you can add glitter or sequins to add some details)

mix in a blender or mixx ingredients well with fork until blended thorougly....then add details if wanted (sparkles etc)

then refrigerate for one hour

wash hair with only shampoo (conditioner grease will react with the mixture to give it less of an effect)

take mixture out of fridge and dip hand in and scrunch hair.

blow dry

and wullah!! curls that last through the tough and the rough.

Want to make them last through 1 wash of the hair?? add the whites off the egg!! this mixture lasts through anything!! i tried it and made 7,000 dolars up front for it!! the brand paul mitchell sells it for up to 23 dollars per 8 ounces.. now do this at home form scratch and make it for less than 2 dollars!!

-- not available (, August 28, 2004.

I have straight, fine hair. I have tried every shampoo under the sun, every product on the market to make my hair full of body and to hold a curl longer than half an hour. I picked up a bottle of "WAsh and Curl" shampoo....and by golly, it worked!!! I used a curling iron and the curls stayed..all day! My hair even feels fuller. It costs only 2.98 at Walmart. Can't hurt to try!

-- Ann Matheson (, September 20, 2004.

okey dokey I have extremely thick blonde hair down to my behind (I know, I know, wow) but its sooooooo flat. It curls easily but only when its totally dry (drying takes about 15 min. by the way) and it holds curls well (unless it's sort of damp outside) but i want it to look natural and wet. I'm sure you've all heard the saying "all blondes want to be brunnetes, and all brunettes want to be blondes; if you have straight hair you want curly hair, and if you have curly hair you want straight hair" well thats me alright but i can deal with the blondeness. SO IF YOU CAN HELP I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANYTHING YOU'VE GOT TO OFFER; PLEASE REPLY.

-- Sam Ant Ha (, October 16, 2004.


-- ALICE (, October 19, 2004.

hey iv got long smooth hair and it is curly naturaly at the front but just frizzy at the back an no matter how much i scrunch it, it doesnt curl ! please help

-- becky (, November 02, 2004.

hey... try this: wash your hair, towl dry it, spray in an anti-friz spray where it's needed, and try a mouse or light hairspray (so it's not crunchy) and scrunch it into your hair. blow dry it on low. see how it turns out! my hair personally isnt frizzy, but a lot of my friends have the same problem as you do. good luck

-- Jamie (, November 14, 2004.

I have thick curly hair and I cant wear it down because it poofs! haha Alot of times its not just the stuff you put in your hair but how your hair is cut. Thinning helps a lil bit for the ppl with THICK curly hair. THE BEST WAY TO GET CURLY HAIR AND KEEP IT WET LOOKING and anti frizzish...put EVERY POSSIBLE CURLY gel creme mousse etc possible... (i used about 15 once! hehe) use lots of doesnt look gross it looks really nice!...put enough products in and eventually you will have curly hair for the whole day...

my friend has wavy hair...and she uses a wet look works really well on her hair and gives it the "rose" look...i am going to try the egg whites...i have heard that works! good luck...try not to damage your hair too badly! hehe

-- Unknown (, November 21, 2004.

You need to just take a shower! But while in the shower DONOT use conditioner! When you come out change get ready and by then your hair should be damp! Sit down somewhere and put leave in conditioner in. Then take gel and spread it around in your hands and scrunch up with your head tilted down. It might take a couple of hands of gel! To finish it off before you lift you head use hairspray as needed! DO NOT BLOWDRY EVEN WITH A DIFFUSER!!!! If you need any more help let me know it works for me!

-- (, December 02, 2004.

Well all you have to do is take a curling iron and curl your hair or if you want it to be scrunched then take a shower in the morning then when your done brush your hair and then take hair spray and lean over and spray the back of your head then spray all over and scrunch it then take moose and do the same thing that take gel and do the same thing this would last untill you take another shower trust me i got curly hair and you do not want it. It is alote of hard work it gets tangeled all the time and notty and it is terrable i rather have straight hair so that i wont have to striaghten it every day but if you want curly hair then do what you want but what i said about scrunching it really looks good

-- kristin (, December 12, 2004.

i have medium thick wavy hair and i can't get it curly with product cause it just fizz's or goes flat at the roots... help me?

-- emily victoria (, January 12, 2005.

Wow...can you believe that this thread has been going on 7 YEARS?!?!

-- Linda Welkey (, January 27, 2005.

wow that's pretty weird, 7 years!

Anyway, my hair is shoulder length and very thick, and to get nice soft curls in it, what I do is wash my hair and afterwards put some curling mousse in and rub my hair with a towel, then dry it a tiny bit and put some more in. Then, with curling irons, i curl large sections of my hair, then shape them a bit with some more mousse/gel and finish with some hairspray. It takes quite a while but the results are worth it!

-- Caz (, February 04, 2005.

haha, no. so i scrolled up, now i believe! please someone tell me how to get rid of a small case of frizzies on straight/wavy hair. Don't need curls.

-- Sasha (, February 05, 2005.

Wash your hair(use plenty of condiotioner- this will leave hair lookin sleek and shiny) leave hair wet ,spray in l'oreal moussing curls styling mousse ,spray plenty of hair spray and scrunch like crazy lol ,spray in Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy Hair Raising Thicken and style spray also through your hair,carry on scrunching. For those little hairs that dont behave and dont curl ,either use your finger or use a small curling iron depending on how thick your hair is. Diffuse your hair (MAKING SURE ITS ON A COOL SETTING!!!!)

If your after dry or wet wavy or a natural curl look use rollers and scrunch hair less. (DONT BRUSH OR COMB!!)- that is if your hair is nearly dry because it will leave it frizzy , always use your fingers, it's the softest tool for your hair and plus less damaging to the ends of your hair. Hair is at it's weakest when wet.

I hope I helped you all out there!! =) x

-- laura jayne (, February 11, 2005.

I have long and sort of wavy straight-ish hair. I have tried scrunching, curling, and straightning my hair but i always have the ugly straight-ish wavy hair. any suggestions on straightning or curling my hair is needed!

-- Jamie S (, February 24, 2005.

Okay! i have problems! I dyed my (then straight) hair like 10 times, and it went curly from all the chemicals, but not nice ringlets, more like a frizzy mess!!! I know that my natural hair is still straight, because the 2 inches that are grown out are strait. My hair is seriously fried, and no product that i tried has worked! Does someone know what i can do while i wait for my hair to grow out?

-- Melissa Pecman (, February 26, 2005.

ok my hair is kind of but not really wavy. i bought some gel spray stuff and then i scrunch it. then after that, i put in LOTS of hair spray. and it still doesnt look that curly. i also put french braids at night, and that doesnt really work either. also, i try to use a curling iron (my hair is a little past my sholders) and i looks like an afro! i need some help!

-- erin nicole kane (, March 11, 2005.

i use frizzease by john freeda (or something like that) to get rid of the friz in my hair. it really works!

-- olivia ward (, March 11, 2005.

OMG 7 years holy fuccccccck~ LOLLLL omg, i wonder if leik, 7 years from now, peiople are like omg 2005 thats sooo long ago!! anywaysss i hav e straight hair n its hott!!!all the guys say its the hottest, its definatley the most sexed up! anyways

seee yaaaaahh

-- Ashlee Laranes (, March 14, 2005.

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