XL1 sensitivity equals what film speed?

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I want to set my exposure manually using an incident light meter. What is the comparable film speed with the XL1 set at 0dB gain?

-- guy smith (guy_smith@deepsea.com), December 31, 1998


I found the XL-1 to be equivalent to about an ASA 160-200 under tungsten lighting. I did notice an anomoly outdoors with the effective ASA being around 320 depending on if it was overcast or not.

I did some my testing before the shoot and only tested under Tungsten lights and was surprised once the production began to discover the discrepency between Tungsten ASA and daylight ASA.

Anyone else find this to be true?

-- David Oulashian (david_o@juno.com), January 01, 1999.

Hola, I'm kind of new to DV, I just bought my xl1, and Ihave a question. I found out that the ASA is just about right Guy, but, I am a little concerned about how blue, the tungsten setting gets under daylight. It seems that on my camera,anything that is around 5600k, or lower is as blue as the deepest ocean. Do you know if this is true for other xl1 cameras or is it just mine.

Thanks Angel

-- Angel Hepburn (chito16@hotmail.com), November 06, 1999.

Hey everyone. I've been owning an XL1 for a while and I've been shooting quite a lot finding more and more annoying things about it. Anyway, it's a cool DV camera if you know how to work around it's weaknesses. One thing that I come accross is the viewfinder. The one on my XL1 clips off some of the right and bottom. From the day I found that out I do all my framing through a small monitor which 'aint that great in certain circumstances. Does anyone else have this "lack" on their camera, or is it just mine? Thanks for any response. Daniel Loher / DP - Munich

-- Daniel Loher (dloher@web.de), April 02, 2002.

I've been working with the Xl1 for a couple of years now and I have to say that it seems to get very confused in situation where there is different sources of light, also they are all cropped in the view finder if you have it on the near possition.

-- Neil Aitchison (aitchee@yahoo.com), June 03, 2003.

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