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Give a man a Brownie camera and he's interested for the day, give him $100 and he's got a collection LOL. I've doubled my collection of old Kodaks by buying from Ebay and got some great deals in the process. Although I am not ready to challenge Walker Mangum yet, I have really loved getting into collecting the cameras and I've even re-rolled some 120 film on 620 spools and shot a roll with a Kodak 6-20 from 1930's. Half the pics didn't come out but that was my fault because I was ignorant about F-stops. The next roll went into my Kodak Tourist, and all of them are flash photos. yes I actually got some old flashbulbs to use. Anyhow, you know what really bites? The fact that there isn't a newsgroup that is just for Kodak Collectors. Perhaps we should get something started?

-- Alex Tamasi (, December 30, 1998

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