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Hello, I have a question about S-Mart. I am wondering how to center the generated table with the item and price listings on the review and order pages. I tried entering the HTML center command in the Smart.cgi file but it only caused an error.

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to center the table. If you would like to see what I mean, please visit :


Thank you very much, Jon

-- Jonathan Ozeran (, December 30, 1998


The way I manipulated the location of the generated tables was to do a javascript in the header using the style command to set the location then using div as the last command in the header to locate the table in the location specified in the style command. The problem with that is the footer then doesn't have anything to anchor on so I have to but a bunch of line breaks to make it go down far enough that it won't interfere with the generated table in the buy1 command. It sorta works, but needs refinement. Maybe it will get you thinking along a new direction tho.


-- Rick Clevenger (, February 02, 1999.

# In your S-Mart.cgi file find the line that has # # #List items in cart # # 8 lines below that find the line # # print "
\n"; # # change that line to this # # print "
\n"; # # Just put

-- James L. Farmer (, May 29, 1999.
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