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This is a question for Gloria Stuart.

"The Old Stone House" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is pure gothic moviemaking. I think "The Addams Family" must have prototyped lurch after the Boris Karloff character in the picture. It also creates a wonderful feeling of being protected from the environment in this stalwart old mansion somewhere in littoral England (where?). There is also great camp in the movie; I especially like the whole gestalt of "Saul."

But who I really like is the raffish young lass who comes in from the cold with her beau or husband and keeps exalting "wheee!" Perfect post-flapper party girl. Was that you? I can't tell.

If it was, there was certainly a spirited young beauty who was even more tempting than today's Kate Winslet.

Tell me.

-- Bob Marburg (

-- bob marburg (, December 27, 1998


"The Old Dark House" (1932) starred Gloria Stuart. It can be seen on TCM.

-- Gordon Usticke (, December 27, 1998.

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