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hello everyone, i need your help! Does anybody know how to create Kate's hairdo in the movie Titanic?

Help! Cheers Linsey

-- linsey reed beeston (brco007@hotmail.com), December 26, 1998


I wish I did!! If you find out let me know! Until then you might try www.sesibility.com click the Titanic project...down the page she gives sugguestions for the hairstyles:)

-- Miranda Swearingen (Kylen1@hotmail.com), December 27, 1998.


Very detailed instructions, with attendant long loading time, but worth the wait.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicshack@yahoo.com), January 06, 1999.

If anyone is still interested in Rose's hairdo in the Titanic dinner scene and would like the type of rhinestone item (I refer to as the Rhinestone Haircage), I now carry it on my site in two different styles and will be carrying more different styles in the near future. I know proms are over with, but if you are thinking of a special occasion or a wedding, check out my site at "Granny Groza's Handmade Originals" - and the web address is: www2.4dcomm.com/ajgroza/

Or you can email me at my email address which will lead you right to my site. I have various butterfly combs also and can make special items to be ordered. I use Swarovski crystals only and semi precious stones on the combs. To order, my email is ajgroza@4dcomm.com.

Next to answer the question, with the cage and how it works, I recommend longer hair like past the shoulders and instructions will come with the cage also & illustrations. Also on my site I am wearing the cage and you can see it from a side view and the back view at the very bottom of the webpage site.

(1)You should put your hair in a bun and make it loose near the upper crown portion of your head. To start, add body with gel and dry your hair upside down and try to scrunch it if you have some body and a little curl, the more curl the better.If not do the same and you can add the curl later with a small curling iron. If you are havng trouble handling your hair, dry styling it a little damp first.

Next,put it up in the bun using bobby pins in your hair color, If you have red hair, Claire's Boutique at the mall carries red/ rusty colored bobby pins. Next you take my cage and apply it like you would a head band, but you will tilt it backward a bit to capture the loose bun in the cage, (you are basically making a tube for your hair to go through. One side of the cage has a permanent fixture of the chain that will wrap around the back side, and the other has a wire loop that you can hook around the complete rhinestone end piece. It will hang loosely, so next you pull it up in the middle of the back with an inverted V shape and secure with a bobby pin and tuck the bobby pin into the bun to hide it in your hair.

The last final touch I used was a small curling iron to get the ringlet effect all around with my whisps of hair. And that is it! Oh,finish it with a good hairspray, like a Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine to keep it from getting too wind blown. I also include in my haircage kit, for that extra touch, a buglebead wire that is about 15" long with loops on each end in wire if you feel like wrapping that around your bun for some more extra sparkle. It can and will bend, but is flexible and will bend back also. My two styles of Hair Cages so far is the Woven Look, Very similiar to Roses in the dinner scene, and I also have the Flower Pattern style. I have side shots of each one & frontal shots of the actual items and then they are followed by myself wearing the item in my hair. I have alot of body, and my hair is longer, just past my bust.

Everyone got into a craze about Roses hair color also, Weird! I have seen her older movies and her hair color was always an ash blonde like myself. When I go in the sun, my hair will turn very blond. If you see my pictures modeling this Haircage, I now have red hair. The safest, most natural way to do your hair without drying it out too much is using a copper henna ( I used the brand Avigal-from a beauty supply- but you can use any brand, just stay with a coppery look, not that deep red or you may be shocked- Strawberry blonde is a no go also, unless you want a light orange color) and it will work out for about 6 weeks, fading gradually, so you only need to touch it up every 6 weeks or so. It left my hair soft and Rose red. If you get the REAL RED henna, you will go too deep of a red and you won't have the coppery highlights. I also reccommend this color for fair skinned people, since it seems to really compliment their complexions very well. Last, Don't ever henna you eyebrows! Use a pencil please, as it can aggravate the skin and dye your skin. Henna is natural and just surrounds the hairshaft, and protects it from splitting. It won't keep it from splitting, but it sure helps and is far better than the peroxide colors that are so harsh to your hair. I hope this helps a bit to anyone who has the same type of hair color and would like to go red. Also henna isn't totally permanent, more like a class 2 semi permanent, that will gradually fade nicely and evenly. In my pictures shown, this is 4 weeks after having used the henna, so you can see how well it stayed in and will fade, leaving coppery highlights.

{added paragraph breaks}

-- Granny Groza (ajgroza@4dcomm.com), June 21, 1999.

You can also achieve this same look without all the bobby pins. It's easy and fun to do, whether it's for a fancy party or everyday. I was simply trying to pull my hair up into a clip when I noticed that, viola!, I had pulled off Rose's curly haired "dinner scene" look. First, wet hair. Towel dry, then flip your head over and apply some gel. (I use Herbal Essences - it smells the best!:-) Make sure you spread the gel out evenly over your head, but don't use too much. Scrunch your hair with your fingers. (Keep in mind I have naturally curly hair, so this is much easier for me to do. This may be difficult for those who have straight hair, but this is a no brainer for curly haired people) Make sure your hair isn't flat against your head; you must flip your head up and down to make sure your hair still looks towel dried. Don't brush it out! It will ruin the curls and result in the gel sticking to your head, making it look greasy. You want to go for a more natural, wavy look. Next, flip your head upside down and begin pulling your hair loosely as if you were to have it in a pony tail, then twist it (as you would be beginning a frech roll) from the nape of your neck upward. Just twist about 3 inches (depending on the length of your hair - I have a tad longer than shoulder length hair) and clip it with a simple claw clip. (Your claw clip should be the color of your hair - I have brown - so it is easily concealable) You should have a lot of hair coming out of the top, which you can pull around the claw clip to hide. Pull a couple of tendrils down from the "bun" and some around your face. Viola! There you go. The trick is, it's not even a bun at all, but rather your hair twisted around a claw clip. Your hair will stay all day, and it looks wavy and professionaly styled. You can use one of Granny Groza's hair cages to secure around your "bun". When your hair dries, it will still hold its original curls. This is easy and not at all as hard as it seems. Most of you have probably already done this before without the realization that with a little gel and fancy hair jewelry, you can make magic! :-) Good luck, and I hope I helped a bit. If you have any problems at all, don't try so hard - oddly enough, hardly trying worked well for me!

-- Kelly (kelly_rose1@hotmail.com), June 27, 1999.

Hi, Does anyone have any diagrams step by step help for the titanic hair cage??


-- Sandy (poohbear@thebarclays.com), January 15, 2004.

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