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Hey Guys! Its been a while since i last wrote here. I was just curious to know how many of you guys saw titanic on its opening night, and what was your reasoning for going. A lot of people did not end up going the opening night like i did in the area here where i live, but instead heard how amazing it was and then decided to go see it. So, how did you guys see it at first???

-- Kate (, December 24, 1998


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Although I did not go on December 19th (1997), I did go on December 23rd, because it's cheaper on Tuesdays. But I knew this movie will be great. Of course, I never thought, nor did I predict that Titanic could replace "Amadeus" in my top list of movie faves. The reason why I wanted to see it was to find out more about Titanic. I was convinced that this movioe would also have great special effects and I was aware, somewhat, of the big budget involved. Of course, I liked the movie in the end for almost different reasons. But my decision to see it was taken when I saw this ad on TV, the shot where Jack and Rose are at the stern and the stern starts going down like an elevator and Jack shouts: "This is it!" I guess that was "it" for my decision to see it. So I never knew any reactions from movie goers before I went there myself. "And I'm thankful for that... 'cause it brought me close to..." this movie w/o being pushed to see it by friends.

-- Dan Draghici (, December 25, 1998.

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you guys, I was so obsessed with this movie, weeks before it cam out I was scouring th net for tidbits. You want to hear and opening night story? I renamed the day titanic day. I still have papers from that day, and i wrote "TITANIC DAY (DECEMBER 19)" on everything. School got out at 3:00, and I had all of my friends from both the high school and middle school meet to see the 3:15 show. The only other people in the audience were some old folks who missed the 3 pm james bond movie. I bought a new outfit in celbration and everything. But the funniest thing was after, whe we all had to go to the bathroom reeeeeally bad ( because i wouldn't let anyone take b-room beaks), and we were running past the food court at peak time, and the usic started to play on the sound system, the music from whe jack was trying to catch the ship. anyways, that's my story. laugh all you want, I am as i write this.

-- natalie lent (, December 28, 1998.

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You sound a little too obsessed about "Titanic" (1997). There's nothing INCREDIBLY special about the day a MOVIE came out. If anything, shouldn't "Titanic Day" be April 14th or April 15th, the days when the RMS Titanic sank? Isn't it a little nicer to commemorate the deaths of 1,523 people and not the opening of a MOVIE? I'm glad you're laughing.


Tarrytown, NY

-- Niles M. Gregory (, December 30, 1998.

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Oh for God's sake Niles, she's a TEENAGER...being obsessive about things like that are part of growing up. Lighten up a little.

-- Gilded Age Junkie (, December 30, 1998.

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Hey, I'm a teenager too. I'm 16 (my birthday's in February)! I'm obsessive too, but I don't think the opening of a movie about a historical subject overrides the day when that historical subject happened. Not all teenagers are the same. Happy New Year!


Tarrytown, NY

-- Niles M. Gregory (, December 31, 1998.

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Hi guys, hope you all had a good holiday. Happy New Year! I didn't see the movie on opening night -it kept selling out too fast. I saw it on 12-27-97. I can just remember that my boyfriend and I both had this strange empty feeling. We didn't speak for a while after leaving the theater, and then on the way home, for some reason, the dam burst and I cried like an idiot all night. We both said we would never see it again, because it made us feel so bad! Well, I went back 2 weeks later, cried again, and made him take me twice more after that. He's really sick of it all, and he won't watch the video with me. I had to promise to see Godzilla with him since he went to Titanic with me. Like that disaster could compare. A woman I work with, Laura, showed me this site last January, and I guess you could say we were somewhat obsessed. It's all we ever talk about. We are forever quoting it. Oh well, that's enough.

-- CGK (, January 02, 1999.

I definitely saw the movie on opening night, in Vancouver.

I showed-up at my first choice of theatre (Station Square cinema at Metrotown) very early...and as soon as I went though the first set of doors into the mall, I was met with the sight of the entire lobby/ consourse area *packed* with people. (For those familiar with the layout of Station Square, the line of people went up the short flight of stairs by the handicapped elevator.)

There was no way I was going to get in; I immediately turned around and hopped back on the SkyTrain, riding into the downtown to my second choice of theatre (the Capitol on Granville street). There was a long lineup, but at least there was the possibility of getting into the theatre.

I wasn't going to miss opening night...and that was really the first time that I had an idea of how big the movie was going to become.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 06, 1999.

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