Electrical & Fire Alarm Requirements for elevators

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Does anyone have the typical requirements and rules for the electrcial and fire alarm requirements for elevators.

For example, Is there a standard chart available of typical motor horsepower , starters and associated circuit breaker and fuse size ?

Where is the best location for a shunt trip circuit breaker to be located, in the elevator room or in the main electrical room ?

For the fire alarm system , typically smoke detectos are provided in elevator lobbies for recall, and heat detectors are provided in the machine rooms and top of shaft for power interrruption via shunt trip breaker. Are there any additional or specific requirements for fire alarm provisions for elevators ?



-- James Wright (jameswright@home.com), December 24, 1998


In answer to your questions, typical and Fire Recall requirements are difficult to answer without knowing what Jurisdiction your elevator is in. You need to know what revision of A17 is in force, unless you are in CA for instance where (until recently) Title 8 was the code for elevators.

For Motor Hp, circuit breaker req's would be found in the NEC (National Electrical Code) which all electrical devices must comply with.

Since you mention Shunt trips, you must be in an A17 jurisdiction, I don't know for sure because it is still in debate, but I believe that the shunt trip shall be in the machine room.

Other fire recall req's are sorely dependant on the version of A17 you are under.

-- John Koshak (John_Koshak@AdamsElevator.com), January 01, 1999.

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