Y2K Jax, FL, Looking for others

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I am an experienced survivalist who wishes to communicate with others in the NE Florida area for Y2K purposes. respond to arcane@mediaone.net

-- H. St. John (arcane@mediaone.net), December 24, 1998


Very Important Notice:

A new product to add to your on-line y2k supplies store:

Most candles are made with a carcinogenic toxic substance: paraffin. Paraffin is the left over residue from gasoline refining. Candleworks offers a clean-burning, 100% natural solution: Long burning candles made from soybean oil grown in America's Heartland. Each candle burns 60 hours $44 for one dozen (shipping is included in price): one dozen provides 720 hours of emergency light. These candles are safe, non-toxic and burn clean without the black soot created by paraffin.

We will pay your company a commision. Phone Mike Richards at 319-337-6316

-- Mike Richards (Icanwork@aol.com), April 17, 1999.

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