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Lane County, Oregon:

Lane Community College is offering two classes on the Year 2000 problem through its Adult Continuing Education program, 7-9 pm, Tuesdays at Main Campus, and Thursdays at Churchill High.

Call 541-747-4501 for more information on registration.

The Winter term begins Jan 4, 1999. The course numbers are 6081 and 6079.

If you're interested in the problem, you are welcomed to drop in if there's room, although we ask that everyone interested in the problem consider the class as their meeting space since there are still no organized or formal meetings yet taking place in Lane couty, under the auspices of any elected or appointed officials.

If you attend the class, please post any comments about the information you receive in them, or thoughts you have about them, to this thread.



-- cynthia (, December 23, 1998

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