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From: ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook - June 5, 1998

Buildings Stressed by Date Dilemma The Year 2000 New Year's celebration may mean more than noisy tenants to landlords and building managers. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) has published a guide to help property professionals cope with a building full of potentially bad dates. The 38-page pamphlet discusses how Y2K problems may have taken up residence in many buildings and what can be done about it.

Why raise the roof over the issue? Many buildings stand on a foundation of information systems applications: environmental control, water, power, telecommunications, lighting, security, fire control and more. The BOMA booklet notes that systems may misconstrue the scheduled maintenance required for boilers, chillers or elevators and postpone it-by 100 years. Leases could be lost, tenant payments miscalculated, entry systems could lock-up, surveillance cameras could malfunction. Building owners must be concerned about their own systems, and they should be taking steps to communicate impacts--if any--on tenant owned systems also.

The booklet provides the outlines of a Year 2000 plan, along with checklists, sample letters to vendors and tenants, and other resources. BOMA members own or manage six billion square feet of commercial properties across North America. The organization is on the web at

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-- Bill (, December 23, 1998

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