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This posting to the 2000efn list by Harlan Smith is something that ought to be followed up on. Anyone who finds more info on this, please post it in this thread by clicking on "Contribute an answer to..." below.

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I assume that what they are doing will be published. Some "imagination" won't hurt.


Nottinghamshire's 2000 policy acts as role model

Nottinghamshire council's initiative to mobilise the county's infrastructure for year 2000 crisis is being touted as a national blueprint for local authorities. The council held a meeting at the end of last month with representatives of the emergency services, local transport companies, the voluntary sector, health trusts and regional utilities, to ensure essential services will not be disrupted by the date bug.

Action 2000, which wants to adopt a national standard for regional co-ordination of year 2000 contingency planning, is considering using Nottinghamshire as a model for other local authorities. "Nottinghamshire's inter-agency approach brings together all the national initiatives at a local level," said Gerry Bell, Action 2000's strategic adviser.

"It's a very imaginative approach. Based on what I saw, Nottinghamshire will be a very safe place to be over the millennium." Councils are coming under increasing pressure to appoint emergency planning officers to oversee date change programmes. Emergency planning is coming to the fore in millennium projects as the public safety implications of systems failure are worked out, said Sue Storey, chairwoman of the Emergency Planning Society's year 2000 committee.

Peter Wharmby, millennium emergency planning officer for Nottinghamshire Police, said, "We are trying to manage the biggest party of all time as well as dealing with fall-out from IT failure, so it's a technology and operational issue."

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-- Bill (, December 23, 1998

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