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Replacement Cases

Some Minox III, IIIs, B or C models do not come with camera case.Since these cameras were made from 50s to 70s, replacement cases are hard to find. New replacement cases are only available for current production models Minox TLX or Minox EC/ECX . Swiss Army knife stores sell a small leather case, burgandy color, hand made from genuine leather. This small leather case fits Minox IIIs perfectly and can be attached to the belt. Some militia supply stores sell black color nylon knife case, the smaller one fits Minox B or Minox C. This belt case is bigger than the Swiss Army knifecase, not as elegant, but that is the only one I found so far that fits Minox C or B quite well. I tried MagLite cases which from the outset look like big enough for Minoxs, but many stores do not allow you to open the plastic package to check. No, these cases don't fit. My favorite is the Swiss Army knife case, it it handsome and fits so perfectly as if it was custom made for Minox IIIs.

-- martin tai (, December 22, 1998


Giotto Q-pod( a pocket tripod ) came with a small leather case, it fits my Minox C nicely.

-- mt (, January 16, 1999.

I got my Minox GT used, without case. I found a small soft leather zipper case at leather goods store, it fits the camera nicely.

-- Fred Mason (, February 06, 1999.

Today I have found a belt mounted case to carry my Minox B & it's flash attachment. I purchased it at a police equipment & uniform store in Albany N.Y. Rosen's Uniform Ph# 518-434-1376 Item purchased - Mfg Bianchi Accumold - This is a double magazine pouch for a Glock pistol - Nylon w/velcro closures, not pretty but secure & out of the way. Model of pouch #7302H - Cost in the $25.00 range. This pistol is popular w/law enforcement in most areas so it should not be difficult to find in your locale. Good Luck

-- John O'Leary (, February 16, 1999.

My girl friend made me a small satin pouch for my B, it works just fine.

-- Peter Resnick (, March 04, 1999.

I found a nicely made brown color genuine leather pen case, it is an imitation of Mont Blanc 30302 Meisterstuck 2- pen soft leather case , but without the center partition, so my Minox C can fit in nicely. This leather pen case was made in India. It has a smooth silk lining inside.

-- martin tai (, April 17, 1999.

The nylon webbing belt pouch for the Victorinox SwissTool fits a Minox C perfectly and has a Velcro fastening. In the UK it's available from Burton McCall. Check out the Victorinox web site for details. There is a leather version, but this has a metal press stud fastening.

-- Andrew Piercy (, June 10, 1999.

I have a "Leatherman Tool" known as the WAVE. This comes complete with a goodlooking, durable brown leather case which I have heard can be ordered separately, though I haven4t tried. This case, I believe, could be well worth checking out at the local outdoor equipment centre for anyone needing a case for the mini-minox. The other tool models are of differing sizes, generally smaller and also come complete with cases. These may also be of use.

-- Duncan McMorrin (, January 12, 2000.

For minoxers in the UK, 'lifeventure' produce a case for small mobile telephones, this will fit on a belt, or rucksack strap, has a fixed loop, plus velcro straps, good value for GBP 7.00 and is available from outdoors shops, I purchased mine from 'Rohan'.

As the Minox C, fits this case so should most other minox models.

Bye now

-- Barry King (, January 21, 2001.

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