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i was wondering if any of you kids out there knew about any raves happening on new year's eve in north carolona. i know about tons of other ones out of state, but i just can't make it. can you help?

-- Anonymous, December 22, 1998


there is a party at babylon's in greensboro but dont quote me on that there info line is 336.275.1006

-- Anonymous, December 23, 1998

THe New Years Liquid Groove rave in Atlanta was one of the best raves ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 05, 1999

Actually this is more than an answer its a question besides liqiud groove are there any big raves coming up for new years eve? Anywhere close to Ga llike fl or sc?

-- Anonymous, August 27, 1999

please come to ct this state is sooo boring i need a good rave to go to

-- Anonymous, December 31, 2001

I dont know of any i live in mississippi and it sux here to

-- Anonymous, December 30, 2004

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